Apartment Cleaning Checklist - How to Clean an Apartment For Moving in?

Moving into your new home can be very exciting. However, in the case of renting, don’t forget that the house was previously occupied and was in constant use. And in case of a new house, you must remember that a lot of harsh chemicals and paints were recently used to build it. Thus, whether you are moving into a new house or renting a new apartment, one thing that you must consider is move in cleaning.

Whether you’re just moving in or about to move out, you might not have thought about an important factor for both: cleaning. Cleaning before or directly after you move in might not be your biggest concern, but cleaning your rental space before moving out could help ensure the return of a security deposit.

Cleaning can be tricky during the move-in phase. Depending on when your lease starts and when you physically move into your space can determine a lot. If you have a few days in between the two, take the time to visit the apartment and do some overall cleaning and double-checking of appliances, faucets and other things that might need attention before you begin using them. If you notice something that wasn’t a problem during your walk-through, or if you didn’t have a walk-through, be sure to contact your landlord or property manager to ensure it’s fixed before your official move-in.

We understand that cleaning a new household space can be stressful. So, ease up your anxiety and lower down your stress level, we have come up with a list of things that you need to do before moving into your new home.

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Before Move in Cleaning Checklist:

  • Hose down the porch and patio

  • Switch on the sprinklers to give the backyard a little spruce up

  • Vacuum and/or steam clean carpet

  • Scrub away all the stains that you might come across

  • Lightly wipe down surfaces

  • Wipe down the kitchen counter tops

  • Clean bathtub and toilet

  • Clean the sinks

  • Check vents and air filter

  • Check faucets for potential leaks

  • Clean and disinfect the refrigerator and freezer

  • Clean the oven and microwave

  • Open a window (weather permitting) to allow fresh air in

Once you have cleaned the basics, you can start moving in your stuff. The detailed cleaning can only start once you have organized your new space a little. Don’t rush with the detailed cleaning. Take it one room at a time or even one corner/nook at a time. Once you pick a room for the day, visualize on how you plan to organize and decorate it and go from there.

After Move in Cleaning Checklist:

Start From The Top

  • Clean every room from the top down. Think about gravity. If you clean floors first, and dust window sills afterwards, chances are some of the dust will settle on your freshly-vacuumed carpet.

  • Start at the farthest point from the entryway and slowly move towards the door. If followed properly, this simple apartment cleaning rule will prevent you from walking on wet floors before they get a chance to dry.

Work Toward The Door

  • Start cleaning the space farthest away from the doors and working gradually towards them.

  • This is an important strategy to keep in mind unless you want to clean your floors twice.

Deep Clean All Closets And Shelves

  • Once you fill your closets with the endless stretches of your clothes, accessories and other stuff, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever take them all out just to clean the closet shelves and corners. So, deep clean the closet’s corners, lining shelves, and hanging rods. It’s always better to clean it all once than wondering later if something dirty was in there.

  • Cleaning shelves when they are full of your clothes is not the easiest of tasks. Consider getting vinyl lining for your shelves, it will prevent your belongings from sliding around and it is easier to clean.

Clean The Appliances

  • If you have a dishwasher, run a couple of cycles. For extra cleaning points, use vinegar on the top rack during the first cycle and baking soda on the bottom rack during the second one. It should help to get rid of any weird smells.

  • Scrub your oven and kitchen hood. Clean all the racks and walls of the oven.

  • Thoroughly clean the fridge. Baking soda and vinegar work great to remove any smells.

Replace The Toilet Seat

  • A toilet seat is probably the dirtiest seat in your entire house, and you end up sitting a lot on it. So, make sure to replace toilet seats and covers. They’re an inexpensive way to ensure a clean, fresh start.

Mop The Floors

  • Use a steam mop to clean hardwoods and tiles to make the floors shine. You can also rent carpet cleaners to give your carpets a thorough clean.

Disinfect The Knobs

  • From the light switches to doorknobs, all of it has been touched hundreds of times by the previous tenants. Thus, cleaning and disinfecting the door.

Clean The Kitchen

  • The kitchen requires extra effort because you would want to eat healthily and get rid of any cooking smells that the former tenants might have left behind.

  • Kitchen counter-tops might also have some stains and sticky things that you need to get rid of to give a fresh start to your kitchen and family. Use a mild soap or a wood cleaner to clean the wood surface.

  • Don’t forget about kitchen cabinets. Wipe them both on the inside and on the outside with a microfiber cloth soaked in detergent or a vinegar and water solution.

Check The Garage

  • Make sure to check all nooks and corners for any surprise stuff left behind by the previous occupants. Give your new garage an overall clean by hosing it down by a water pipe.

If you believe you don’t have the best cleaning skills, lack the time to do a thorough clean-up, or just need an extra set of hands, you can find someone to help you with all your cleaning tasks. There are many online websites and apps where you can find a one-time or on-call cleaners and housekeepers.

Now that you have a clean condo/house, it’s time to make it your home. Bring out your interior decorator and spruce and deck up space as per your style. Hang up those family portraits, assemble your furniture, spray some air freshener and cozy up in what is now your new home.

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