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Residential Cleaning Checklist 2023

Cleaning your house does not have to be a time-consuming or difficult task. The key to managing household duties efficiently is to create an easy-to-follow schedule that incorporates all chores. To help keep you on track, Squeaky Cleaning specialists have created a room-by-room housekeeping checklist of the most critical cleaning tasks.

residential cleaning service

Residential Cleaning Schedule

What is the most straightforward approach to keeping your home clean regularly? Maintaining a cleaning routine. And it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Materials Required:

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Dishwashing liquid

  • Disinfecting cleaner

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Scrub brush

  • Rubber gloves

Are you surprised that we’d reveal our secrets? We enjoy both cleaning and training. And we know how much our clients appreciate our service. Furthermore, sharing is beneficial. Use our house cleaning checklist to clean your home thoroughly and efficiently:

  1. Pick up the clutter in your home, and feel free to second-guess your possessions as you go. The fewer things you have, the easier it is to store, dust, and clean them. Examine books, newspapers, magazines, furniture, old clothes and shoes in the closet, outgrown toys for the kids, and outdated laptops you’ve outgrown. Then, it’s time to recycle and donate! Turn off all ceiling fans and light bulbs as you prepare for dusting.

  2. If you have any closets you’re scared to open, face your anxieties; it’s time to declutter and organize.

  3. Use microfiber cloths to dust (from left to right and top to bottom). This will reduce allergies and enhance the quality of air in your home. Cobwebs can be easily removed using damp towels fastened to the ends of mops and brooms. Don’t forget to dust the tops of your doors, light fixtures, fans and picture frames. Use glass cleaner on microfiber or cotton cloth to eliminate streaks on framed images, computer monitors, and TV screens.

  4. The next step is to vacuum. First, check if your vacuum bag is empty, and utilize the appropriate attachments. Next, vacuum the entire house’s floors and upholstered furniture.

  5. Sweep the floors, and mop them. Start mopping at the room's far corner and work your way back toward the entrance. After completing each 4x4 foot area, rinse the mop.

Residential Cleaning Checklist

What to Clean in Each Room

  • Dust and wipe ceiling fans with a moist cloth

  • Clean light fixtures

  • Remove lampshades and dust them

  • Wipe baseboards and mouldings with a damp microfiber cloth.

  • Vacuum registers and vents

  • Wipe the windows clean

  • Remove the window screens and wash them

  • Dust and vacuum blinds

  • Launder curtains

Living Areas, Stairs & Hallways Cleaning Checklist

  • Fluff up and straighten cushions

  • Remove fingerprints from all woodwork, switch plates and door-frames

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Clean lamps and dust lampshades

  • Dust picture frames

  • Dust furniture – top, underneath and front

  • Vacuum or wash hardwood floors

  • Vacuum tile floors

  • Vacuum or wash hallways and stairs

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Empty the trash

Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

  • De-clutter and clean closets, as well as swap out clothes for the coming season

  • Vacuum mattresses with the upholstery attachment of your vacuum

  • Flip over mattresses

  • Wash or dry clean pillows

  • Make bed

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  • Take everything out of the freezer and refrigerator and thoroughly clean it

  • Expired condiments and pantry products should be discarded

  • Organize the pantry

  • Clean the oven

  • Clean the insides of drawers and cabinets

  • Disinfect and clean the garbage can

  • Clean the outsides of kitchen cabinets

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  • Scrub, disinfect and rinse tub and shower tiles

  • Disinfect toilets inside out

  • Clean and shine chrome fixtures

  • Hang and fold towels neatly

  • Disinfect countertops (after removing all items)

  • Disinfect the toothbrush holder

  • Clean the insides of drawers and cabinets

  • Wipe clean the outsides of bathroom cabinets

  • Scrub the sink

  • Vacuum or wash floors

  • Clean windowsills

  • Dust baseboards

  • Empty the trash

  • Clean mirrors

  • De-clutter the medicine cabinet – get rid of any expired, outdated, or unused medicines and dispose of them properly

It’s much easier to keep a clean house than to clean a cluttered one. So let our Squeaky Cleaning professionals help you out.

Squeaky Cleaning provides a wide range of cleaning services, including a deep cleaning service to help you get your house back on track.

Call us for a free quote on residential cleaning services in no time.



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