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Best Kitchen Cabinets Renovation Ideas in 2024

Often overlooked, kitchen cupboards, cabinets and drawers, both above the countertops and below the sink, routinely need a thorough cleaning, inside and out. It's essential for your kitchen's overall appearance, and your health, to regularly clean and disinfect your cabinets as they, over time, collect splatters, grease, dust and dirt. We recommend routinely cleaning these cabinets, including handles and knobs, every other week. Consider kitchen cabinets renovation to maintain their longevity and aesthetic appeal.

kitchen cabinets renovation

The Process

First, you will need to remove all items from inside the cabinets that will be cleaned. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any food crumbs or residue from the interior before wiping down. Once the cabinets are empty, spray the front, sides, and edges of the doors, drawers, and shelves, letting the solution sit for one to two minutes. Once the solution has been set, wipe clean with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. Some deep scrubbing might be required depending on any spills or build-up of grime accumulated over time. Use a second, clean towel to dry the surface thoroughly. Finally, return all items inside the cabinets and drawers. You can also use this time to declutter and reorganize these areas if needed.

Cleaning Products

Which cleaning products you choose largely depends on what type of cabinets you own. For general cabinet cleaning, we recommend non-abrasive all-purpose cleaners or natural cleaning products (e.g., a mixture of detergent & water, vinegar & water, or baking soda & water). If you have wooden cabinets, consider using wood-specific cleaning products. Metal cabinets, on the other hand, are considered the most accessible surface to clean. Most cleaning products (except baking soda) will work very well at removing dirt, bacteria and grease from the metal surface. Regardless of which products you choose, be sure to read and follow the instructions carefully and test on a hidden spot to ensure they won't stain or damage the surface. Don't forget to factor in kitchen cabinets renovation for long-term maintenance and enhancement.

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