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How to Deep Clean Fridge - The Right Way

It’s crucial to keep frequently used appliances, including your refrigerator, clean and sanitized regularly. A sparkling clean refrigerator looks excellent, is healthier for your family, and allows you to utilize the space more efficiently. Below are a few fridge cleaning tips to save you time on how to deep clean fridge.

how to deep clean fridge


Deep fridge cleaning begins with carefully removing all of your food items, shelves, drawers, and other removable parts. Removing the shelves and drawers allows you to clean them separately and provides easier access to all interior corners. If you’re also cleaning out the freezer, make sure to unplug the refrigerator for your safety and to conserve energy.

Place the cold food items on a nearby counter or table while you clean, and all frozen items in a cooler. Compost, recycle or dispose of everything that has expired or gone wrong.

Cleaning the Interior and Removable Parts

Using a scrubby sponge or microfiber cloth, thoroughly wash the removable shelves and drawers, one at a time, in the kitchen sink with a mixture of fragrance-free dish soap and hot water. While the drawers and shelves are removed, begin cleaning the interior with a microfibre cloth and a trusted all-purpose cleaner or natural cleaning product. Many prefer to use natural ingredients or feel more comfortable using DIY cleaners because the fridge interior is in close contact with their food. Whichever method you choose, wipe down the interior from corner to corner, including all non-removable shelves and drawers.

Other Things to Consider

We also recommend wiping down jars, cans or bottles that may have leftover sticky food residue on them. This ensures that you’re placing only clean items back into the fridge. You can also use this time to reorganize if needed.

Now that you’re done cleaning plug the fridge back in and carefully put back the dry shelves and drawers. We recommend adding a baking soda box to absorb odours and leave your new sparkling clean refrigerator smelling fresh!

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