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Garage Cleaning Tips

Our garages may be for our cars, but they can quickly become a dumping ground for outgrown clothes, empty toolboxes, and other broken items you don't want to deal with. However, as spring cleaning approaches, it's finally time to give your garage a thorough cleaning. Chances are you'll free up some space and discover a few things that you forgot you had. To help us kick off this season with a clean start, we took the help of a few professionals to walk us through clearing up this often-overlooked area.

1. Empty The Garage

Finding out what's in your garage is the very first step in cleaning it. The best way to start this mission is to clear out the garage completely. Then, make four piles: items to keep, items to throw away, items to donate to charity, and a "maybe" pile for things you're unsure about. Re-sort the "maybe" items into the other three piles near the end of your cleaning.

2. Sweep and Degreaser

Remove cobwebs from the walls and rafters using a brush or leaf blower after you have emptied the garage.

If there are oil spots on the garage floor, use a concrete degreaser. For quantity and application, follow the manufacturer's directions. We discovered that removing oil stains is best done with our patent scrub brush and a degreaser.

3. Protect The Walls

Hang plastic sheeting along the garage walls to protect them from overspray before using a power washer on the garage floor. Hanging the plastic is easiest using printer tape.

4. Use High-Pressure Cleaning

Keep the pressure washer near the garage door, so it may be thoroughly ventilated while in operation. Pressure-wash, the garage floor, paying particular attention to the areas that have been degreased. To get the right spray and pressure settings, use a nozzle intended for cleaning concrete.

5. Sort Everything Out

Allow the garage to dry out after you've finished cleaning it. This is an excellent time to go over everything you've left outside.

Make a few piles: Throw away, keep, donate or sell. Once you're done sorting things into these piles, you can sort the "Keep" pile even further into different categories. This will help you when you put everything back into your garage.

For the remaining three heaps, you can put them all in garbage bags. You might want to take a few pictures of the Sell pile in the driveway while the lighting is decent. You'll have photos to submit with your listings without digging through a folder.

6. Divide and Rule

Before you reorganize your garage and put everything back in its proper place, split it into zones. This way, not only will you be able to find what you need quickly, but you'll also be able to keep it clean for longer. As a result, cleaning a garage won't be a chore you'll have to perform very often.

7. Add in Some Shelves

When you've figured out where everything should go, you'll need to add more items to make room for it. This is when shelves, hooks, wall tracks and boxes come in handy. This will not only make the most of your space, but it will also make everything look tidy.

After you have installed the necessary equipment, you may begin placing everything back in its proper places. With a little trial and error, you'll be able to make out the perfect place for everything and end up with a squeaky clean, clutter-free garage.

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