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Useful Tips To Properly Clean and Disinfect House

Cleaning comes naturally to many people however some are not familiar with the basics of how to properly clean and disinfect house. We thought it would be useful to put together some very standard cleaning guidelines to keep you and your family safe from germs brought in from the outside.

disinfect house

Where To Start

Start from the entrance of your home since this is where the germs from the outside world get welcomed (or unwelcomed) into your home. Make sure you use a good disinfectant spray and pay attention to where it is going. You want to make sure that you completely cover the surface you are trying to clean with the spray.

Start by spraying the product directly onto the doorknob on the outside and the inside of the front door. If you have a keypad lock on your door, make sure you are disinfecting the buttons too. Let the spray sit for a few seconds so their cleaning power goes to work and kills all the germs. Then with your cloth wipe it very well until it is squeaky clean. If you feel there is dirt or grime caked onto the surface, feel free to repeat this process until it wipes clean.

Next, move onto the light switches and other doorknobs in your home. Anywhere that you or your family repeatedly touch should be targeted including the alarm system, remote controllers, cupboard knobs, oven and fridge handles as well. You may need to spray some solution onto the cloth and then wipe in case you are hesitant to spray inside some electronic devices. Don't just give it a quick wipe, make sure to scrub it and make sure that disinfectant penetrates to kill any germs lingering there. Make sure to wipe the wall around those areas as well.


The kitchen is extremely important to maintain a high level of cleanliness since it’s where meals are prepared and food is stored. If you haven’t cleaned inside, behind and below your appliances like your refrigerator and oven in some time, it is highly recommended to do so. Start inside the fridge by taking all of the food and drawers out. You may need to run the drawers under hot water with some liquid dishwashing soap and let them sit to remove any caked-on food that has built up over time. Once you get all of the shelves and drawers sparkling clean, they can be returned inside your fridge with all of the food. Double-check to make sure the food packages you return to the fridge don’t have any sauces or liquids coming off of them. Sometimes it’s best to put open food into containers so they don’t leak over your newly squeaky clean refrigerator.

Next is to pull out your appliances and see what type of naturally occurring ecosystems are growing underneath or behind your refrigerator or stove. Sweep that up and use some heavy disinfectant to clean up the mess. You may want to pour some of your floor cleaners such as Mr Clean or Pine Sol over the mess and let it sit for a minute or two so it can effectively break down the ecosystem before you scrub the remains away. This is also true of the rest of the floors in your kitchen and the rest of the house.


The cleanliness of your bathrooms are also very important so be sure to spray the counter including the sink and faucet and let it sit for a while before wiping it down. Don't forget to spray the cabinets and cabinet knobs as well as mirror handles, shower door handles, shower and bathtub faucets, toilet lids, toilet handle, soap dispensers etc. Be sure to pull out your toilet bowl cleaner and plunger before cleaning around and behind the toilet.

Don’t forget to replace the plastic shower curtain liner every few months and also wash the shower curtain itself. It can get very grimey without you even noticing. But once you replace and wash them, you will feel the difference almost immediately.


Once all the rooms have been thoroughly disinfected, go back to the entrance of the house, and wash the floor thoroughly with HOT water and disinfectant in the water. Make sure you remove any shoe mats and wash them from corner to corner. It is a good idea to make sure the family removes their outdoor shoes and put on some slippers before entering the home. Spray the shoes when they have been removed. It's also a good idea to spray some disinfectant on those mats. No need to soak it but lightly spray it. While mopping, focus mainly on areas commonly walked through like kitchen, hallways, and bathrooms. Drain the dirty water in your bucket down the toilet and disinfect after doing so.

Daily Upkeep

Door knobs and surfaces should be disinfected daily as well as wiping your cell phone with a disinfectant wipe or damp cloth with disinfectant. If your family has been at work and among other people make sure they wash their hands upon entering the home as well as changing their clothes and putting dirty ones to wash right away.

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