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Carpet Cleaning Services Toronto

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Imagine coming home from a long day at work to squeaky clean carpets. Our Squeaky Cleaning team will professionally clean your carpets while you’re at work so you can come home to an enjoyable environment. If you need a thorough carpet cleaning service in Toronto, we can help!

Toronto Carpet Cleaning Service

Book a Toronto carpet cleaning service to save time and money! Squeaky Cleaners are professional,

friendly and committed to providing a consistent carpet cleaning experience you can trust.

Each cleaning is tailored to your specific needs while following professional cleaning standards.

Our skilled professionals offer the ultimate carpet cleaning solutions, ensuring your home remains as fresh and inviting as ever. Even with regular vacuuming, carpets can accumulate debris, but our excellent techniques guarantee a debris-free environment for you to relax in.

At Squeaky Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing the best carpet cleaning in Toronto, catering to residential and commercial needs. We offer outstanding weekly Toronto maid services and detailed deep cleaning solutions alongside our stellar carpet cleaning services. Our portfolio doesn't stop there; we specialize in post-renovation, post-construction, and office cleaning services.

Availing of professional carpet cleaning services in Toronto is essential to maintain a dirt-free environment. Our dedicated team understands the focus and determination needed to target those hard-to-reach places often overlooked during standard cleanings. Our mission is to consistently deliver high-standard cleaning services, ensuring your home gets the care it deserves.

Our cleaning professionals come armed with extensive training, hospitality experience, essential skills, and the right equipment to give your home the deep clean it deserves. At Squeaky Clean, all our cleaners are hardworking, ID-verified, and background-checked, so you can leave your home in safe hands and return to a delightfully sparkling environment.

If you believe it's time to avail professional carpet cleaning services in Toronto, we offer 100% flexible booking options. Choose a convenient date and time, and feel free to amend your booking online 24/7 or via a quick call. Changes made until the day before your scheduled appointment are free of charge. Our premium carpet cleaning services in Toronto come at excellent rates.

Carpet cleaning Toronto

Detailed cleaning of your

bathroom & kitchen

Carpet cleaning services Toronto

Vacuuming and mopping

of all floors

Professional carpet cleaning services Toronto

Disinfecting of

high-touchpoint areas


Carpet Cleaning
on Your Schedule

Focus on what matters most rather than spending countless hours cleaning your carpets. If you're searching for a professional carpet cleaning service, Squeaky Cleaning is the right solution. Request a free carpet cleaning quote below. Our exceptional client service team is available via phone, online chat, text, or email to assist you further. At Squeaky Clean, we offer professional advice, assistance, and clear communication to ensure the highest quality service delivery. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Submit a Service Inquiry

Submit a Service Inquiry

At Squeaky Cleaning, customer service is our main priority. Our friendly staff are waiting to serve you.

Feel free to give us a call at 647-799-1075 or submit a service inquiry below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to clean carpet in Toronto?

Generating an instant quote from our website is simple, and you can book online based on a recommended number of cleaning hours. If additional time is needed, our cleaners can stay longer & add additional hours as required. We are compassionate towards the disruption and changes of plans, so our service is flexible and allows amendments until the day before.

Should I hire a professional carpet cleaners?

Professional cleaning is essential for keeping new carpets in pristine condition and removing unwanted spills and stains that appear over time. Even if your carpet is aging, at Squeaky Clean, our experienced professionals can do wonders to make your carpets look, smell and feel fresh.

What method is best for carpet cleaning?

We tailor our cleaning services to your needs while ensuring the highest professional standards. It's fundamental to ensure the floor is clear of obstructions and move furniture to reach places infested with crumbs and dust. The best method is to use a vacuum with optimal suction and focus strongly on any stubborn stains.

Will professional carpet cleaning remove pet odours?

Pet owners should expect occasional animal-related stains and odours to be difficult to remove. However, at Squeaky Cleaning, we are committed to eradicating these. Strong vacuuming skills help to reach the stubborn areas where pet hair and waste may hide. We remove debris and odour which accumulates easily within carpet fibres.

How often should carpet be cleaned?

Each household varies, and if you have children or pets, you may find that your carpets need to be cleaned quite regularly due to the amount of debris that gathers. Deep professional cleaning is recommended every 12 months for the average household and every six months if you have a lot of activity in your home.

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