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The Ultimate Checklist for Deep Cleaning Your House

Deep cleaning your house might be the last thing you would like to do. You tend to feel tired after cleaning a couple of rooms, let alone clean the entire house. If you are not one of those who love DIY, then it's best to hand over a professional job. From cleaning your kitchen to disposing rags and towels from your bathroom, professional deep cleaners take care of everything. But what are the services that you can expect from a deep cleaning Toronto company? Here's a checklist that you should keep in mind.

1. Kitchen

It's best to start with the kitchen as it contains the greatest number of appliances. Some of the deep cleaning services include in the kitchen are:

• Cleaning and disinfecting the trash can.

• Deep cleaning your dishwasher.

• Cleaning the microwave inside out.

• Cleaning the stovetop burners.

• Cleaning the inside of your refrigerator and organizing the trays.

• Vacuum cleaning the refrigerator coils.

• Cleaning the freezer.

• Cleaning the hood vent thoroughly and changing its filter if required.

• Reorganizing your kitchen drawers and cabinets.

• Cleaning and disinfecting your coffee maker.

• Deep cleaning the kitchen floor.

• Removing any items that may block the kitchen sink.

•Cleaning light fixtures, doors, and windows.

2. Dining room

The dining room often goes unnoticed when you deep clean your house alone. But when a professional take over, here are a few areas that the team focuses on the most:

• Dusting wall corners, floors, and crown mouldings.

• Scrubbing the walls.

• Washing table covers.

• Cleaning the switches and outlets.

• Wiping the chairs thoroughly.

• Vacuuming the rug and placing it in the right place again.

• Disinfecting the dining table and cleaning its legs and underneath.

3. Living room

You always have a dilemma about what things to throw out and what to keep when it comes to deep cleaning a living room. It's better to take a look around and make a list of all the things you want to keep. Hand this list to the deep cleaners before they start working. And talking about deep cleaning the living room, here's what you can expect from the professionals.

• Vacuuming the entire carpet area.

• Dusting the ceiling fans.

Cleaning the windows thoroughly and also the window sills.

• Dusting the edges of mirrors, pictures, and wall hangings.

• Washing light globes.

• Removing scuff marks from mouldings and doors.

• Dusting appliances like television, computer, or sound systems.

• Vacuuming the floor, including the areas underneath coffee tables and sofa sets.

• Disinfecting remote controls and the switchboard.

4. Bathrooms

Like the dining room, you may overlook the bathrooms during the DIY deep cleaning. But remember that bathrooms contain most of the dirt in your house. A deep cleaning team has the experience and knowledge to clean every item in your bathroom to make it spot-free.

• Cleaning the air vents on the ceiling.

• Cleaning the liner and shower curtains.

• Disinfecting the toothbrush holders.

• Cleaning the shower glass and mirror.

• Mopping and scrubbing the floor.

• Scrubbing and disinfecting the toilet, its base, and under the seat.

• Disinfecting countertops.

• Washing the trash can.

• Cleaning the showerhead.

• De-cluttering the drawers and cabinets.

• Vacuuming the exhaust fan.

• Disinfecting the door frame.

5. Bedroom

You should also make a list of all the things you want to keep in your bedroom before the deep cleaners start working. This would prevent them from throwing away any essential items that you may need later.

• Dusting and polishing furniture and fixtures.

• Dusting the crown mouldings.

• Cleaning window sills and baseboards.

• Vacuum cleaning lamp shades.

• Cleaning the area under and behind your bed.

• Washing the pillow covers.

• Deep cleaning carpets and rugs.

• Organizing your closet.

• Dusting hanging lamps.

Now that you have a complete checklist of all the rooms, you can even use it for DIY deep cleaning. But it's wise to outsource the job to a professional house cleaners team as they have the right tools for cleaning houses in Toronto. Moreover, they don't take as much time as you may take when you try to clean your entire house deep alone.

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