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Christmas Cleaning Tips - Updated Guide

Christmas cleaning in Toronto is a part of the holidays, especially if you have guests coming. You want your home to be a warm, welcoming, and clean space for people to enjoy. Whether you're having a Christmas party or people are coming over to stay for the holidays, you'll want to prepare early for the cleaning. You are trying to finish everything a few days before the busy holiday season begins. Consider having a professional cleaner in Toronto help you with Christmas cleaning to alleviate the pressure. You have a million other things to do during this time, and spending hours cleaning differs from how you want to spend your time.

Christmas Cleaning Preparation

In preparation for Toronto Christmas cleaning, there's a lot you can do, and you can begin in November. This can include things like dusting high spots and baseboards. You can organize your closets and make space for any guests' items. It's always a good idea to create a daily task checklist so you can go through it and stay organized and on top of everything that needs to get done. Some tasks you may want to consider doing before things get busy include:

Christmas Cleaning Tips

A lot of Christmas cleaning in Toronto needs to be done, whether it's cleaning before guests show up or when everyone is in your home. Here are some of the top Toronto Christmas cleaning tips:

Get Your Kitchen Ready

The kitchen will be one of the busiest areas of your home throughout the holidays. You want to have quick access to everything you need as you're cooking and baking. Organizing your cupboards and pantry to find everything easily is a good idea. Do a good cleaning of your kitchen before the holiday season begins. This includes cleaning the inside and outside cupboards and organizing so you can quickly find the necessary things. Clean your appliances, which should include cleaning out the fridge, as you'll have many extra items taking up space during the holidays. Do maintenance on your dishwasher so it works optimally when you clean dishes constantly after big meals. It will also be time to clean the holiday glasses, bowls, and platters.

Set Up Your Laundry Room for Success

If you have guests coming, you'll need to clean all the linens for the guest rooms and clean every towel in the house. Wherever you store your linens and towels, make sure it's fully stocked. As you might have guests using your laundry room to do their laundry, do a little cleaning of the outside of the washer and dryer. Make sure you clean the inside of any lint or debris on the washer and dryer.

Get Rooms Ready for Guests

Depending on how many guests you have coming, you may have a lot of preparation. If kids are staying and you have kids yourself, you want to prepare a space so they can sleep in the same room. Unless, of course, you have multiple guest rooms. You'll want your kids to help you as they put away their things. It might be a good time to ask them to throw away or donate things they don't use anymore. An incentive might be letting them know they have to make more space for their new presents under the tree.

As for the adult guest rooms, do an early deep cleaning but wait a few days before putting on fresh linens. Do all the dusting, including up high and low, and vacuum. If there is an on-suite bathroom, you'll want to include this in the early deep cleaning and touch it up a few days before guests arrive. Adding new, natural soaps in the bathroom with folded towels is nice. When you do make the bed with fresh linens, it's also a nice touch to add a nice bed and room spray.

The Front Entrance

Winter weather causes a big mess at the best of times in the front entrance. If you have guests coming, you want to have a game plan to prevent dirty puddles of water from forming. It would be best if you considered a shoe rack or a rubber mat on which everyone can put their boots and shoes. You can even offer house shoes at the door for guests to use when walking around the house. This is especially true if you have tiled floors that don't heat up.

Another thing to consider is cleaning out the front closet of items you're not using daily. You'll need to make space for your guests jackets.

Your Bedroom

You might be tempted to leave your room a mess because nobody will see it. However, consider that this will be your place of refuge when you have guests. Please keep it clean and tidy so that entering your room makes you feel relaxed instead of stressed out. You deserve it.

Hallways, Walls, and Stairs

Remember the stairs and hallways as you vacuum, sweep, and mop throughout your home. Do a spot check on the walls and dust the baseboards, and remember to use a slightly damp cloth to clean the banisters.

The Bathrooms

If you've done a deep clean a few weeks before, it should be quick and easy to get the bathrooms to look spotless and smell great for guests. All-purpose cleaners in the shower, bathtub, sink, countertops, and toilets should be enough. A great tip to make all the metal fixtures shine in your bathrooms is spraying vinegar; they will look like they are at a hotel. Use a natural freshener like lavender or nice soy candles that smell like Christmas to keep the bathrooms fresh while they're being used heavily.

The Living Room

The living room is likely where you'll be opening presents on Christmas morning, so you want it to look beautiful, warm, welcoming, and tidy. This means getting rid of any of the usual clutter you have. If you have a TV, move the remote controls to a space where they're out of the way. Get rid of magazines and newspapers. You'll probably have to do much vacuuming throughout the season as part of your Christmas cleaning if you have a real tree that loses needles. Make this space perfect for all the memories that will be made with you and your loved ones. We also suggest having a clean-as-you-go plan as presents are being unwrapped. Have a bag for plastic and one for recycling close by for Christmas morning.

The Dining Room

The dining room should be cleaned just a few days before guests arrive or if you're having a pre-Christmas dinner party. If you have a dining table made from wood, treat it with something that brings back its natural lustre while protecting it from spills. Bring out the Christmas tablecloth, special silverware, glasses, and plates, and make sure to give them all a good clean and shine.

Following these simple Toronto Christmas cleaning tips that start before and during the holidays, you'll find that your home is kept clean. You'll still have time to enjoy moments to relax and take in this magical time of year with your loved ones.

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