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Cleaning Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

With any business or side hustle you have, there are things you’re going to be great at while other things should be outsourced. This is the nature of any business and that includes an Airbnb. You might be great at customer service and organization of short term stays. However, some Airbnb hosts take it upon themselves to take charge of all aspects of their business. This isn’t always going to work in your favor and sometimes you should let professionals take care of certain things.

Airbnb hosts will often take on the daunting task of cleaning their unit for guests. Most of us don’t have that kind of time or the experience to do it properly. This is often why it’s a good idea to get an Airbnb cleaning service. You can avoid those common cleaning mistakes that an Airbnb host makes. How clean a unit is will be a major factor in how good your ratings are, which are a huge element to your success.

Here are some of the common cleaning mistakes that are made, which can have dramatic effects on your success as an Airbnb host.

Rushing the Cleaning Process

If you’re already busy, cleaning up for your next guests can leave you feeling rushed. When you have to rush clean, you may miss some important details. Doing your cleaning last minute and just before your guests arrive don’t give you a chance to do a thorough walk-through and ensure everything is up to par. To avoid omitting areas that need to be cleaned, it’s important to take the time you need. Keep it in mind that your guests can leave your unit really dirty and don’t just assume you need but one hour to complete a good clean.

There is also the issue of maintenance problems that may take time to fix before the next guests come in. It’s not just about going in to clean but also taking the time to make sure everything is working well. If you generally don’t have time to do these things, a cleaning service can be invaluable. They can work with a team of two or more if you need a quick clean. In the end, you want your new guests to walk into an immaculately clean space. This is going to help you with your ratings and they are more likely to become repeat customers who spread the word about your Airbnb.

Unclear Instructions to the Airbnb Cleaning Service

If you do hire an Airbnb cleaning service, it’s important that you give them clear direction. While they are professionals, it’s always good to offer some direction to allow them to do what they do best. We suggest that you organize a tour or at least have a list to give them. You can point out irregularities of the unit that can cause dirt and dust build-up and let them see what the layout is. The more details you offer, the more tools you give them to succeed.

Not Having a Checklist

Whether you hire an Airbnb cleaning service or do the work yourself, it’s important to keep a checklist. This allows you to stay organized as you clean and avoid missing any important steps.

Not Doing a Good Enough Job

Property cleaning may not always be perfect but it’s important to do your best. How clean a unit is will be very important for your overall reputation and should be taken seriously. If you know you’re not a great cleaner and don’t have an eye for detail, give the task to someone that does. As an Airbnb host, you can’t consistently have bad cleaning practices. This will reflect on your business quickly. Not doing a good job on the cleaning is one of the worst mistakes you can make as an Airbnb host.

Don’t Have High Expectations on Guests To Clean

Many Airbnb owners will have checklists for their guests on how they expect the unit to be left. This is recommended and while you may have cleaning requirements, you shouldn’t expect your guests to get down on their hands on their knees to scrub the bathroom floor. Part of your service as a host is to do a majority of the cleaning. Having high expectations on how they leave your unit in terms of cleanliness can end up in bad reviews that damage your reputation.

If you’re not great at cleaning or you don’t have the time, an Airbnb cleaning service can help you with this burden. At least you’ll know that it’s been done properly and you don’t have to take time out of your life to do it. If you equip them with your expectations, you can be assured that there will be very little to no cleaning mistakes. The peace of mind is worth it.



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