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How to Clean Wood Furniture

If you want to keep your wood furniture for life, you want to take good care of it. When you dust and shine your wood furniture, the polish and dust can build up. This can lead to a dark film and ruin the luster. When you know how to clean wood furniture properly, you can retain its beauty for the rest of your life. Periodic deep cleaning is a must if you have a beautiful piece of solid wood furniture. Once you know how to clean wood furniture, it's going to last a long time and look beautiful.

How to Clean Wood Furniture Without Damaging the Wood.

  1. Keep in mind that as you’re cleaning wood furniture, it’s important to get rid of any excess water as this can further stain your wood.

  2. Firstly, you’ll want to dust the furniture and get rid of any surface dirt. This will get you ready to remove any light stains or soiling.

  3. Start with a gentler cleaner and move up to stronger cleaners if you have to. A gentle cleaner could be a mixture of water and dishwashing soap.

  4. Dip a micro cloth into the solution and wring it out so it’s not dripping wet. Wipe the whole of the furniture.

  5. You don't want the wood to be saturated with a cleaning solution and while you’re wiping things with a damp cloth, you should rinse often.

  6. When you’ve cleaned thoroughly, take a clean, dry cloth and run over the wood. This will help it to dry faster so you avoid staining the wood through water damage.

How to Clean Wood Furniture from Old Wood Polish

Wood can for decades and even centuries. We protect it and replenish it through the wood polish. This is a great way to keep it looking good but at some point, so much buildup can occur that you don’t see the natural beauty of the wood. There is a great remedy for this. Tea has tannic acid in it, which is a great way to maintain the look of any type of wood.

  1. You steep two tea bags in hot water and then let them cool to room temperature.

  2. Take a microfiber cloth and dip it in the tea. Make sure to wring it out well so that it’s just mildly damp.

  3. Wash the wood with it and you’ll see it back to its original shine.

How to Clean Wood Furniture of Water Stains

Water and wood furniture don’t mix and yet all too often condensation from a glass is put on a wood table. It causes around stain that is noticeable, completely discoloring the wood.

  1. First, you’ll want to put toothpaste on the spot. It should be paste and not a gel.

  2. Rub it with a soft cloth and you should see the stain lift.

  3. If it’s stubborn, try to mix equal parts baking soda and toothpaste.

  4. Wipe off the mixture with a clean, damp cloth and dry it completely.

How to Clean Wood Furniture with Difficult Marks

Things like ink are harder stains to remove but not impossible.

  1. Use 1 tablespoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of water to create a thin paste and apply directly onto the stain.

  2. Rub gently with a micro cloth until the stain is gone.

  3. You can then wipe the paste off thoroughly with a damp cloth.

  4. When the furniture is clean, you can wipe a layer of wood polish on as this will preserve the wood and give it a nice shine.

How to Make Your Own Furniture Polish

It’s simple to make your own furniture polish with a mixture of one cup of olive oil and ¼ cup of white vinegar. Pour it on a microfiber cloth and work it into the wood with circular motions but wiping with the grain. You can buff it until it’s shiny to your liking.

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