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Essential House Cleaning Checklist

A house cleaning checklist is a helpful way to remember what cleaning you need to get done. It can also be used as a helpful tool to communicate to your cleaner what tasks you’d like them to do. A checklist will help you remember what has been cleaned and what needs to be done. The key to making a house cleaning checklist is to look through your home and think about where dirt builds up. Consider where the highest traffic is and where most of the messes accumulate. Every room has places where you know they’re messy, dirty, and unsanitary.

Dusting can easily be forgotten about and yet, there are many advantages to doing it. You reduce allergens and keep all areas looking new. Some of these tasks will need to be done more than others. You can have your professional house cleaners do some of the house cleaning services tasks weekly while others can be done bi-weekly. A house cleaning checklist is a great way to communicate what you need to be done.

Regular House Cleaning Tasks

The following list includes all areas of your home:

  • Dust surfaces

  • Dust and hand wipe the top of your furniture

  • Dust baseboards, chair rails, and door panels

  • Dust blinds, window sills, and lock ledges

  • Dust picture frames, lamps, and lampshades

  • Dust ceiling fans

  • Vacuum carpets

  • Damp-mop tiles, wood, or linoleum floors

  • Clean mirrors

  • Empty all trash


  • Dust surfaces, blinds, window sills, and lock ledges

  • Dust chair rails, cabinets, door panels, and baseboards

  • Clean the top of the refrigerator

  • Clean/disinfect the countertops

  • Spot clean all cabinet fronts

  • Clean/disinfect sink

  • Clean/disinfect microwave inside and out

  • Clean outside of the oven and the top of the range

  • Clean/disinfect the outside of the dishwasher

  • Clean, disinfect the outside of the refrigerator

  • Clean and disinfect kitchen table

  • Vacuum and damp mop floors


  • Clean and disinfect countertop and any other surfaces

  • Spot clean the front of your cabinets

  • Clean/disinfect and shine showers and tubs

  • Clean/disinfect toilets inside and out

  • Clean/disinfect doorknobs and switch plates

  • Shine fixtures

  • Vacuum and damp mop floors

  • Empty trash


  • Dust bedside tables and any other surfaces

  • Hand wipe furniture tops

  • Dust baseboards, chair rails, and door panels, window sills, lock ledges, etc.

  • Vacuum floors

  • Refresh sheets

  • Make beds

Spring/Deep Cleaning Tasks

All of the above tasks with some additional tasks including:

  • A deeper clean of baseboards and window sills with a damp cloth

  • Damp wipe door panels and frames

  • Vacuum furniture and do a deep clean if the material allows it

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Damp wipe kitchen and bathroom cabinets

This house cleaning task list is very similar to what a professional housekeeping service offers. If you offer this list to your cleaners, they’ll appreciate it as they’ll know exactly what you’re expecting. If you are using this house cleaning checklist for yourself, it helps you to keep on top of all the things you need to do to keep your home visibly clean and sanitary.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to be diligent about the cleanliness of your home. You want to make sure that all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized. You want your home free of dust to alleviate any potential allergies. This list will help you keep track of what’s being done on a regular basis and what still needs to be done.



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