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How to Train New Maids & Cleaning Employees - 10 Tips

An essential component of running a cleaning company is employee training. It would be best to have housekeepers, maids, and cleaners who consistently produce top-notch work. Excellent cleaning experiences result in repeat business, loyal clients, and substantial earnings. Make consistency one of your top concerns because it is difficult to recover trust after a poor cleaning experience.

Because maids come from various cultural backgrounds, it is essential to train them properly. That way, you can be sure the maids won’t just give you top-notch service but also stick around for a long time. Keep reading to learn the ten best ways to train new maids and upskill your employees in Toronto.

how to train maids

1. Train your new hires in pairs

Only send a single staff member if you are confident in their abilities. After hiring them for your house cleaning maid service Toronto, you should train your new team members in pairs. The best approach to ensure that a new cleaner receives the proper training is to pair them with an experienced staff member.

Experienced cleaners have tips and tricks that they can teach new employees. However, if you are getting ready to grow your company in Toronto, ensure you have qualified people to provide training.

2. Introduce technology to the team

Modern janitorial services primarily rely on using advanced equipment. Your cleaning staff should be completely aware of the benefits and drawbacks of each cleaning tool provided to them. Your employees should be well-versed in troubleshooting cleaning tools and keep extra bags and rags on hand. Before they begin working, teach your house cleaning maid service how to use each cleaning tool.

3. Provide on-the-ground experience

Please provide your staff with real-world experience before they begin their field job. Bring in extra furniture to create an appointment life setting, and invite your employees to tidy up the mess.

If you need more space, you can also rent a house. Offer your housemaids valuable hints on how to go about their business. It will prevent mistakes from occurring on the actual job.

4. Collect feedback from your cleaning employees

You should provide a welcoming environment for your house cleaning maid service at all times. Request comments and feedback from your maids after the training. Make it anonymous if you want honest comments.

You should create a survey that will enable you to get supportive feedback from your staff. But remember that gathering information is only the first step; you must act on it. Change your training program to make it more effective when hiring more maids.

5. Improve cleaning employees’ soft skills

Client satisfaction is essential for a reputable cleaning maid service. Establishing long-term relationships with your clientele, starting with soft skills, would be beneficial.

Train your housekeepers on communication skills because they will speak on the company’s behalf.

Meeting a new client is the first technique they should learn. You’ll need to increase their comfort level gradually; your maid will be an important part of that process.

6. Provide your housemaids with checklists

Prepare a cleaning checklist for your cleaning employees. It will serve as a broad guideline and greatly benefit your house cleaning maid service. Your cleaners will be well informed about the tasks to complete and dedicated to the training sessions.

Once a project is completed, have your housemaids check off the items on the checklist.

7. Use Incentive Programs

Once you’ve found a motivated house cleaning maid service, please make the most of them. For example, you can employ incentives such as bonuses and paid time to achieve certain targets. It will significantly impact tour cleaning maids and motivate them to work more. It will also increase healthy rivalry among staff, propelling your company forward.

8. Provide flexibility to cleaning employees

It would also help if you were flexible regarding training, skilling, and retaining your staff. Allow your cleaning employees leeway regarding dress codes, scheduling, and client communication.

Focusing on your new maids and providing proper training methods is an excellent way to provide good house cleaning maid service. It will attract the finest and brightest and help your company grow.

9. Give your staff the authority to improve customer service

The greatest method to ensure excellent customer service is to ensure a thorough cleaning job, but your staff members should feel free to go the extra mile. You may help your team provide outstanding service by enabling them to provide extras to your customers, like a free carpet deep clean or a 10% discount.

10. Motivate your cleaning staff

Maintaining the happiness of your team is equally important to running a successful business as keeping your customers satisfied. Losing a skilled, capable employee can be devastating to your company. To win over your employees, try the following tactics:

  • Implement a reward system and provide credit where credit is due.

  • Be respectful; conduct tense discussions appropriately.

  • Follow through on all commitments related to pay raises, work schedules, or anything else.

  • Be accessible. Listen to your staff’s concerns and show them you care for their happiness.

Word-of-mouth recommendations, reputation, and brand building are all fueled by happy customers. If you implement the proper training processes, you may have repeat business, long-lasting partnerships, continuous growth and profitability.

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