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10 Things to Know Before Hiring a Maid Service

There are a good few things you’ll want to consider when it comes to hiring a cleaning service company. While it might cost less to use a one-person cleaner who gets paid under the table, it’s not always the right option. They may not be reliable, they could potentially steal things, they’re not bonded, and you really don’t have any history of the person. If things go well with someone you hire “under the table,” it’s great but if it doesn’t, you might find there are benefits to hiring a reliable cleaning service. Here are 10 things you’ll want to consider before hiring a maid service Toronto.

1. Seek Out Referrals

Ask around to see what service your friends and family have chosen. If they have good things to say about the service, this is the best reassurance you can get. Sure, there are reviews you can find online but they might not always be legit. Companies can make themselves look great online while a referral from someone you know is a much better guarantee that they offer a good service.

2. Don’t Always Trust in Online Reviews

Online reviews may help you to feel more comfortable about a service but you have to consider a few things about customers. They are hardly going to write a review if they’re really happy about a housekeeping service. It’s usually the person who has been let down or left unsatisfied that will feel compelled to tell everyone about their negative experience. People will use a review section to vent and sometimes blow the story out of proportion. You’ll only hear their side and you’ll feel like that particular service must be a nightmare to deal with.

Sure, if a company has nothing but terrible reviews, we’d say there’s a red flag. However, if there are mostly rave reviews with a few negative ones in the mix, this is quite normal. We wouldn’t suggest trusting the review that is a perfect score either. There are companies that will pay clients to write reviews, giving them an unrealistic score that doesn’t reflect on their business practices. The rule of thumb is to find a company that has consistently high scores without being perfect.

3. Check Out Whether They’re Bonded and Insured

You want to make sure that a company is able to cover costs for the damage they could potentially do to your home. This could include theft or an injury that happens on your property. If they don’t have coverage, it could be you who has to pay for an injured worker, damaged property, or stolen items. Ask the maid service what their coverage is and ask for copies of their policies. When a service is bonded and insured, their services will cost more so hourly rates are at a premium. This level of assurance does add value and alleviates any stress about the service.

4. Find Out About Their Experience, Affiliations & Accreditations

Find out how long the maid service has been in business. Do they have awards? Accreditations? Affiliations with larger organizations? These are a few things you may want to look for. They should have logos on their website if they do have special affiliations. This can give you the confidence in knowing that they have a good reputation and they’re an outstanding business. Find out what their standing is with the Better Business Bureau. Their ratings, awards, and accreditations will demonstrate their excellence as a business.

5. Find Out What Services They Offer

A full spectrum cleaning company can take care of all your needs. While you might just want to have weekly cleaning, they can help you with other forms of cleaning. Say you’re looking to move out of your old home and move into a new home. Not every maid service is willing to do the detailed deep cleans. While you’re doing all the research to ensure you find the best service, make sure they do more than just the average clean.

Find out if they take requests or offer fixed service. Ask them about the level of services offered and whether you can customize your regular cleanings. Some cleaning companies won’t do certain tasks while others are open to whatever you need from them. Companies have a lot of options so you need to seek out which company will suit your lifestyle.

6. Choose a Satisfaction Guaranteed Maid Service

Be sure that the maid service is prepared to stand behind their work. Maybe you like the maid service but you don’t like the cleaner they’ve sent. Be sure that they’re willing to change the cleaner without any problems. If something gets damaged or broken in your home, are they willing to make it right?

A cleaner is put into a situation where they may bump something off a table. This is just a fact of life. How they handle it is what matters the most. If they’re a satisfaction guaranteed service, they’re going, to be honest about the fact they broke or damaged something. They will do their best to make it right whether it’s replacing the item they broke or damaged. If you’re not happy with the cleaning that was done, a great maid service will offer you a free touch-up or cleaning. Find out what the company’s policies are to keep customers happy and satisfied.

7. Consider Between Employees vs. Contract Workers

Contract workers don’t have the same kind of benefits that an employee does. They are usually less money to hire but they likely don’t have consistent training and can tend to be unreliable. They are considered “replaceable,” which doesn’t really make anyone have a great work ethic. The employer doesn’t invest anything into them and sometimes, they’re just treated as a number. An employee is going to have a better setup and generally be treated better. They will be given training and have a sense of job security. An employee is going to pay taxes and have taxes paid on behalf of the employer. There is great job satisfaction and this shows. You’ll pay less for a contracted worker but you’re probably going to be more satisfied with a cleaner who is an employee of a maid service company.

8. Know Who You’re Hiring

You have every right to find out about the person who will be cleaning your home. You can ask how their references checked out. You can find out if the maid service is a bonafide service with a great roster of employees. There are other types of companies like sharing-economy companies that will have random people showing up at your house. Letting an individual come into your home, especially when you’re not home, shouldn’t feel uncomfortable. You shouldn’t have to hide valuable items. Find out from the company if they interview and background checks their staff. Have they conducted a criminal check on their staff? Make sure you’re going to get the same cleaner week after week.

9. Find Out What Cleaning Supplies They Use

You might be quite particular about the kind of cleaning products that are used in your home. This is for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you have areas in your home that need special care. You don’t want to have a toxic product used on limestone tiles for example. Speak to the potential maid service and find out if they use their own supplies and tools or do you have to supply these items? This can cut down on the hourly rate of a maid and this way, you get to choose the products used in your home. Sometimes a maid service will sell kits that include mops, brooms, scrubbers, and cleaning supplies.

You may be quite particular about supplies being good for the environment. Some companies are also conscious about this and they bring with them special cleaning products. For households with babies or small children, and pets, you want to be sure you’re not having toxic chemicals used in your home.

10. Find Out Terms of Service Before Hiring

Some maid services will hold you to a contract. Find out what their policy is on cancelling and changing services once the contract is signed. You want to make sure there’s a contract that doesn’t cause you to be dinged with surprise fees. For example, some companies will charge you a cancellation fee. That’s because it’s hard to reschedule cleaners for another home at the last minute.

The company would have to cover their lost wages. This is quite normal but it’s important that you understand what all of these things are. If your lifestyle is unpredictable and cancelling your maid service is highly likely, you may not want to enter into a contract at all. You might just opt for one-off cleaning services from time to time without a commitment.



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