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Common Mistakes When Hiring A Toronto Maid Service

The only thing worse than spending the entire day cleaning is hiring someone to do it for you and ending up with a home that isn’t actually clean! As much as cleaning seems like a chore, it’s more difficult than you may think.

If you’ve ever watched a professional cleaner doing their job, you will start to see that it is more of an art form than a chore. Cleaning takes pride, patience and technique. Knowing what to look for when selecting the right Toronto cleaning company is essential. Here are some useful tips to avoid these common mistakes people make when hiring a Toronto maid service.

toronto maid service

Booking Before Discussing On The Phone

When booking a cleaning company, many people want an easy, efficient and straightforward process. This is why having an online booking system is so important to provide this convenience. However, if you have never worked with the cleaning company before,  it is important to give toronto maid service a call and speak to a manager. Tell them about your property and your expectations. Get a feel for how this cleaning company is managed, and if you have a good feeling after asking the questions you have, you’ll feel more comfortable with booking.

Hiring The Cheapest Option

The most important aspect to consider when hiring a Toronto cleaning company is what value will be provided as a result of who you choose. The least expensive option may say they offer good value during the sales pitch, but they may have low standards for who they employ, what tools they use and what techniques are put into practice. Professional cleaning is a well-paid profession since it is skill-based, physical and in high demand. When seeking deep cleaning services downtown Toronto, prioritizing quality and expertise over the cheapest price can ultimately save you time, money, and ensure a cleaner, healthier environment.

It is essential cleaners are well paid and taken care of by the cleaning company they work for. The cheapest options often cut corners on some of the most important aspects of professional cleaning, and they could leave your property dirtier than before they showed up.

Booking Same Day Cleaning Service

Most cleaning companies cannot accommodate same day service as they get fully booked well in advance. Many cleaning companies do not open their offices on weekends, leaving customers stranded when they need some last-minute cleaning assistance on Sunday after hosting an extravagant dinner party.

This is where Squeaky Cleaning toronto maid service differs from its competition. Squeaky Cleaning is open 7 days a week and can accommodate same-day cleaning requests. Our network of cleaning professionals are located in downtown Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area. We are ready to deep clean your home leaving it sparkling and squeaky clean today!



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