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10 Tips for Cleaning Up After Renovation

A renovation will result in a beautiful new addition to your home. However, it takes some time and effort to get it looking good after construction is completed. There might be particles and paint fumes remaining and usually a lot of fine dust. There are ways you can prevent a major mess but we have post renovation cleaning tips for you as well.

A good contractor will usually work with you to protect your home. This is usually to prevent any damage. They don’t do much to block dirt and grime. When the construction crew is gone, you will likely have dusty, sticky, dirty floors. They’re going to need more than your standard cleaning as well. Usually the contractor doesn’t help you clean up after, which is why post renovation cleaning tips are so essential.

Preventative Measures Before Construction Starts

To make your cleanup easier, you should take the time to prevent a major mess before construction even begins. Here are a few things you can do:

Hang a heavy-duty tarp from the ceiling to the floor. This will create a seal so the dust doesn’t go to areas where construction isn’t taking place. You can apply masking tape where the tarp meets the ceiling, walls, and floor. Try to ensure that there are no gaps. If there is a need to have a flap for entry and exit, you may want to consider having an adhesive zipper on your tarp. It may even be a good idea to add a double layer.

In the renovation zone, protect anything you may be keeping in there. Cover floors with construction paper and cover window treatments or any appliances with a tarp.

Cover all the furniture in your home including the couch and beds. Seal any closet door by applying masking tape over the gaps.

During the Renovation

Vacuum, preferably with a HEPA (“high-efficiency particulate air”) vacuum at the end of each workday—you can rent one or discuss getting one with your contractor. HEPA vacuums are able to trap much smaller particles than normal vacuums.

If you have one, run a HEPA air purifier on high 24/7, and change or wash the filters frequently since they will be working a lot harder than usual. If you don’t have one, consider renting a commercial-grade air scrubber for the duration of the renovation.

Open the windows! The more air circulates, the better.

Post Renovation Cleaning Tips

Most contractors aren’t going to build an extensive post construction cleaning. They basically sweep the floor and do a bit of vacuuming with a shop vac to clean up bigger pieces. Beyond this, you’ll need to specifically arrange the service. Honestly, it’s probably going to cost you less to hire a post construction cleaner than if you did it yourself. You would need some heavy-duty cleaning equipment and this can be expensive. This probably isn’t a job you want to take on either as it’s quite daunting. However, these are our post renovation cleaning tips in the event that you did want to do the job yourself.

Renovation clean-up services

You can do the deep cleaning on your own or get professionals in. They may cost a bit more simply because it takes longer to do. It also depends on how much space was affected by the renovation.

Clean-up steps after renovating:

  • You’re going to want to start with dusting the surfaces. Start from the highest point and once you’ve done that, work your way down until there’s nothing left to do by the floors. This is simply due to the law of gravity. There’s no point in vacuuming first if dust is going to fly when you’re cleaning off shelves.

  • From here, you’ll sweep, mop, and disinfect the floors. Fine dust may sink into any upholstery so make sure to vacuum all your furniture.

  • Sanitize the bathroom and kitchen. This is much like a deep clean so make sure you wipe down appliances and cabinets as well as countertops.

  • Dust, wipe or vacuum your window sills and frame.

  • Dust or vacuum all grates, vents, blinds, and lighting fixtures.

  • Clean any hardware like handles, hinges, and cabinets.

  • Clean inside of all the closets.

  • Remove any of the debris left by the construction crew if there is any.

You will basically need to clean your home top to bottom after a renovation. There will probably be dust everywhere despite your best preparatory efforts. It’s important to do this as there are particles released during renovations like toxins, mold spores, and silicates. The fine dust leftover can be inhaled into the lungs and damage them. If there was the painting done, the primers can give off fumes. So not only does it look unsightly in your home, but it’s also a hazard to not do the post reno clean.

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