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Best Post Construction Cleaning Services Toronto

Congratulations on completing the renovations in your home! The feeling of accomplishment and excitement to live in this new environment cannot be described. The only task holding you back from enjoying your new home is classically referred to as post construction cleaning toronto. There are plenty of options available in Toronto, so you may be wondering how to choose the best option for you. This is precisely the reason we wrote this blog post!

Finding the best post construction cleaning services Toronto is simple and easy. First and foremost, you must find someone you can trust to be delicate and careful with your new home improvements. Whether you’ve put in brand new hardwood, paid an arm and a leg for custom cabinetry, or you’ve renovated the entire house from top to bottom, trust is a central factor. During the booking process, ask many questions to ensure the company you choose knows what they’re talking about and has lots of experience with these types of jobs.

post construction cleaning services toronto

Post Renovation Cleaning Team

The right post construction cleaning services Toronto will send a cleaning team of at least two or three cleaners. These are big jobs, and working together as a team often produces the best results. Depending on the size of the job, Squeaky Cleaning usually sends a team of three professional deep cleaners. Our cleaning teams have lots of experience with high-end luxury homes that are either newly built or fully renovated. We are careful, detailed, and meticulous.

Post Construction Cleaning Service

After construction is complete in your home, make sure you remove all of the construction materials from the property before the cleaners arrive. Items like paint cans, drywall, pieces of wood, and so on should be removed. If there are simple items like cardboard placed over the top of new hardwood floors, our cleaners can help remove this. A general rule of thumb is to remove anything heavy from the property; however, smaller items that are light to carry can be dealt with by us with no problem. You want to allow the cleaners to focus on doing what they do best, which is squeaky cleaning! For professional post construction cleaning Toronto, contact us today.

Attention To Detail

Post construction cleaning services Toronto often focus on targeting and eliminating dust collected in all parts of the home. Dust could be on the ceiling, walls, baseboards, windows, cabinets, inside, behind, and underneath furniture and anywhere else you can imagine dust settling. This type of dust collection and cleanup is our specialty at Squeaky Cleaning. Our cleaners are highly trained and skilled at these types of jobs. Give us a call today to discuss all of your commercial cleaning needs.

Multiple Appointments

If your post renovation cleaning cannot be completed in one appointment, please book with us again, and you will receive the same cleaning team that visited your home the first time. The same cleaning team must return to finish a too big job to finish on the first day. Depending on how much dust there is to clean up, we often have to mop the floors two or three times, wipe down surfaces’ multiple times and revisit after a week once more dust creeps out from hard to reach places. The ultimate goal is to rid your new home of all the dust and ensure it is move-in ready. If we need to move around our appointments to ensure you get the same cleaning team the very next day, it’s something we would be glad to do to ensure your complete satisfaction. Give us a call today or send us a message to discuss.

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