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Tips for Post Renovation Cleaning Toronto

We have all become accustomed to while living in Toronto is the amount of construction continually going on around us. Whether that’s new condos going up or houses being demolished, renovated, and rebuilt, progress takes place around us daily. With any major construction or renovation project, a significant amount of post-renovation or post construction cleaning in Toronto is required. Here are some of our Squeaky Cleaning Post Renovation Tips.

post renovation cleaning toronto

Junk Removal Before Post Renovation Cleaning Toronto

When our Squeaky Cleaners arrive at a job site, they are eager to unpack their cleaning supplies and start professionally cleaning the premises. If there are empty boxes lying around and other items that will get in the way, this takes time away from the task at hand, which is to do a highly detailed cleaning of the entire place from top to bottom. We highly recommend removing all construction materials and debris from the location before our cleaners arrive. We can help dispose of small items like cardboard boxes, but any heavy or sharp materials must be removed entirely.

Protecting Floors

Applying a protective layer to the floors during the renovation is highly recommended as it will save multiple hours of detailed cleaning. There will still be much vacuuming and mopping required, but if there is also stuck on the paint, glue, and other adhesives for our team to remove, it will take much longer. Confirm with your contractor that they will be protecting your floors during the renovation to avoid this time-consuming task.

Booking Enough Hours

Post construction and post renovation cleaning Toronto deep cleaning often take much longer than standard cleaning. One of the main objectives of this type of cleaning is to target dust removal from the entire property. Dust can accumulate on the ceiling, windows, walls, floors, baseboards, besides, underneath, and behind appliances and furniture. The floors often need to be mopped multiple times; walls wiped down thoroughly, light fixtures removed and cleaned, and so on. This type of detailed work requires lots of time, and as they say, the quality is in the details! Squeaky Cleaning’s booking process is simple: Book a certain number of hours to start, and if additional time is needed, our cleaners can stay longer, and we can add extra time as required.

We have done multiple post renovation jobs that required us to return a second and third time before the job is complete. It’s essential to be reasonable with the number of hours needed to complete the post renovation deep cleaning to a very high cleanliness standard.

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