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Spring Cleaning Tips – Ways to Prepare for The Big Clean

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and the days are a bit brighter. Spring has officially arrived! But the house still feels like it is stuck with the winter blues. Spring cleaning is a practice that enables us to clean and freshen up our homes, so we can get a head start on the usually busy seasons of spring and summer. It can feel like an overwhelming task. However, it doesn't have to be complicated.

Especially in the times of Covid-19, where we are spending most of our time inside our homes and practicing social distancing, cleaning your house is more of a priority than ever. Enjoying a clean and happy home isn't as hard as you may think. Follow our top 6 spring cleaning tips to get you started.

spring cleaning tips

Preparing Yourself for Spring Cleaning

Before we tackle the accumulated dust and air in the house after being shuttered up for the dull winter months, there is a lot to do. If we begin cleaning without planning and preparation, we might end up getting demotivated and leave the entire spring-cleaning project in the midst of it.

So, it's essential to get yourself ready ahead of time. Here is a list of to-dos that should follow before getting started so that the spring-cleaning mission is accomplished smoothly and effectively!

Organize and Declutter

The first step of spring cleaning is getting rid of the clutter. A well-structured, four-step approach can be helpful in this.

  • Pinpoint problem areas

  • Inspect reasons for the clutter

  • Work Out Solutions

  • Apply these remedies

Then sort out your belongings into four categories: to store, give away, set aside, or trash. Please get rid of the clutter immediately, whether by planning a yard sale or giving it out for charity.

Should declutter all homes at least once a year. Studies show that cleaning up our homes can positively help our psychological wellness or mental health. It allows us to focus on what's important and lets us relax, leading to decreased stress and anxiety levels.

Get the Family Involved

Make spring cleaning a family endeavour. You can welcome your kids to help you with work or let them tackle their rooms. Young children can be great helpers indeed, but make sure you supervise them.

Going through all belongings and decluttering them will get the house into order, and we will not have that much to clean in spring cleaning. Here are a few areas to handle:

  • Clothing and shoe Closet

  • Personal Care Products

  • Toy Boxes, Book Shelves

  • Kitchen Drawers and Cupboards

  • Food Storage

Appoint age-suitable tasks to children, so everybody feels included. You could also set up a family prize as a motivator to get the work done.

Wash Everything you Possibly Can

It's a great idea to wash everything that could wash.

If the covers of cushions in your living room are removable, they deserve a wash, so do your curtains. Our table linens and placemats accumulate a lot of dust in them, and we should wash them too, at least twice a year.

If you can wash your rugs, shower curtains and bath mats, then you should do so.

Anything that you can't toss in the washing machine, you should shake thoroughly outside to eliminate any dirt. Rugs, carpets and bath mats can be vacuumed to eliminate all dust and particles stuck on them.

This is moreover an excellent opportunity to clean your hair and makeup brushes. Collect and soak them in warm soapy water to loosen all the left-over makeup and grime. After a few minutes, work some shampoo or dish soap to clean them properly. Rinse them and dry them upside down so the water will not gather in the metal bristle holder below.

Make a Spring Cleaning Checklist

Organizing your tasks with lists is a great way of registering all that needs to be done. You will also get that feeling of achievement after you've checked tasks off from your list when they're complete.

Starting by moving towards your home one room at a time is the best method to spring clean it. Focus on areas that were predominantly neglected over the winter. In each room, separate the work into areas like overhead cupboards or drawers, and then divide them into single tasks. For example, for overhead cupboards, tasks can include cleaning the cupboards' outsides, wiping all shelves and the doors on the inside, and then wiping the handles clean with a moist cloth.

Please take a look at our complete spring-cleaning checklist for some inspiration.

Set up Your Tools

To wrap things up, make a rundown of all the cleaning supplies you will need, and ensure you will have every one of them at hand for your spring clean. A few essentials include a decent vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths (ideally microfiber ones), wipes and a mop. You may also need a step ladder.

For cleaning products, it's best to have professional cleaners on call. A glass cleaner could be handy if you try to achieve streak-free windows and mirrors. We would suggest having a washroom cleaner, kitchen cleaner and floor cleaner. However, a handy all-purpose cleaner will also get the job done.

Form New Cleaning Habits

An in-depth spring cleaning that covers the entire house is an incredible opportunity to build up ongoing cleaning habits, making the next spring cleaning you do comparatively easier.

For example, don't attempt to do the whole of your spring cleaning in just one or two days. Instead, tackle tasks on your spring cleaning list for 15 minutes every day. That will help get you prone to cleaning up for 10 to 15 minutes per day, even after you're finished with your spring cleaning tasks.

After you mark these jobs off your to-do list, you'll see that you'll already be ahead in your spring clean. They'll additionally help make your big clean easy.

To tackle this to-do list, and get ready for an in-depth spring cleaning!

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