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Post Construction Cleaning Mistakes You Can Avoid

post construction cleaning

Once construction is completed, your space will have a large mess that requires a particular set of skills to clean it properly. There may be trash left behind, nails that you could step on, or dust and debris. The dust and debris may seem easy to take care of, but they could contain harmful toxins, so you have to remove them correctly to prevent air quality and health issues.

Hiring a post construction cleanup professional in Toronto can save you time, energy, and money. The experts have all the right tools, equipment, and knowledge to clean your space. You will also get the peace of mind knowing that your space has been properly cleaned and sanitized and is now ready for you and your family to live there safely.

Some people would prefer to clean the space themselves, which can create a larger mess in the process. Below are the most common mistakes during a construction project and post construction cleanup in Toronto.

1. Not Using a Drop Cloth

New construction or renovation projects can take a long time to complete. Some can take weeks or months, depending upon the type of project. It is important to properly protect your floors, surfaces, and anything of value during this time. The dust and debris from the construction can damage these surfaces if not properly protected.

The best way to protect your flooring, surfaces, and furniture during construction is by using a drop cloth. If you don’t use a drop cloth from the start to protect everything, then you could spend a lot of money cleaning or repairing damaged items.

2. Failure to Do Effective Waste Management

Throughout construction, there will be various wastes that will need to be sorted and properly removed. Some of the waste will be organic, and some will be inorganic. You will need to know and understand the difference to sort it properly. The organic materials can be reused or recycled, while the inorganic material must be disposed of.

You will need to do this regularly to ensure all the waste is being properly handled. This can be done through your contractors or yourself, but it should be completed daily.

3. Not Removing Trash Regularly

Whether you are building a new home or renovating your current space, there will be tons of trash involved. The worst thing you can do is ignore the trash, allow it to pile up, or not have a plan to remove it.

You will likely have more trash created than what is allowed to be removed every week. The best plan is to have you or the construction workers remove the trash daily. Depending upon the materials being used, some of the trash may contain toxins that you won’t want lying around for an undisclosed amount of time.

You will need to make sure you or the construction crew follow all local rules for trash removal. Removing trash daily is the healthiest option for you and your space and allows the construction crew to arrive each day at a space that is ready to get worked on again without any obstacles in the way.

4. Not Having the Right Set of Tools

Post construction cleaning Toronto requires an elaborate clean, which must be done correctly to sanitize and clean effectively. After construction, the most common concern has been the dust, dirt, and debris covering all surfaces.

Some dust or debris could contain harmful toxins, so you must remove them correctly to prevent creating a larger mess. If you don’t use the correct tools or use the wrong ones, you can create a bigger issue. Some of the correct tools needed are:

  • Brooms

  • Buckets

  • Carpet cleaner

  • Cleaning chemicals

  • Commercial-grade vacuum

  • Dust masks

  • Dustpan

  • Dusting supplies

  • Hard surface flooring cleaning supplies

  • Heavy-duty trash bags

  • Microfiber cloths

  • Protective eyewear

  • Rubber gloves

  • Shop-vac

  • Step ladders

Each post construction cleaning service in Toronto may require more or less equipment depending upon the type of work completed. The experts will know what is needed and come prepared with everything the first time.

5. Overlooking All Nooks and Corners

Post construction cleaning Toronto is a huge undertaking because of all the dust and dirt within the construction space and surrounding areas. Not only does the dust give off an unprofessional and clean look, but it can be dangerous. Some dust can contain toxins that need to be thoroughly removed from the space and air to provide a truly healthy space.

It is easy to overlook a small amount of dust in a corner or not remove all the dust from air vents and filters. Failure to remove all the dust and toxins can create an unsafe space, so it is critical to receive help from professionals to ensure the proper cleaning and sanitization.

Do I Need Toronto Post-Construction Cleaning Services?

After construction or renovation, you may be tempted to start the cleanup. However, you should hire a professional to ensure the space is properly cleaned and sanitized. It may seem strange to hire for cleaning, but it is more for the peace of mind with an expert.

You can also save money by not damaging your current cleaning products, not having to purchase commercial-grade products, and by not damaging the completed work or improper cleanup.

Hiring a professional will provide you with many benefits:

  • Ensures the space is completely clean of all debris and dust.

  • Peace of mind, the space is properly cleaned and sanitized.

  • Reduces stress as the cleaning services Toronto will complete the job within your timeline.

  • Saves you time by not having to clean it yourself.

  • You save money because you are not buying expensive equipment and can move your crew to the next job.

Only you can know if hiring a professional cleaning in Toronto is right for you, but it is highly recommended. Post construction cleaning services can work on your schedule and budget to provide the best cleanup after a renovation or new construction.

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