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How to Clean Toaster - Complete Guide

If you’re looking for the right way when it comes to how to clean the toaster in your kitchen, there are a few do’s and don’ts. Many times, we forget to clean our toasters. However, crumbs gather up with every slice of toast you put in it. There are hazards to letting the crumbs build up, and the outside gets unsightly over time. Your toaster is used regularly and should be cleaned regularly as well.

How to Clean Toaster Frequency

A toaster can be cleaned daily or, at the very most, weekly. You want to remove the crumbs that fall to the bottom, as they can cause your toast to taste burnt. Suppose there’s a major build-up, the crumbs that cause a fire. If you’re using a toaster oven for more than just making toast, you’ll want to clean it more frequently than weekly. At the very least, clean the food tray.

Items for Cleaning Your Toaster

  • Pastry brush

  • Dishpan

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Sponge

  • Garbage can

  • Dishwashing liquid

  • Baking soda

  • White vinegar

  • Melamine sponge

Unplug and Cool the Toaster

If you’ve used your toaster, make sure it cools down first. Unplug it before you stick anything into the toaster. Putting anything else in the toaster while it’s plugged in could lead to electrical shock or even ignite a fire.

Shake Crumbs Loose

Bring your toaster over a garbage can or over the sink that has a garbage disposal. If the toaster has a removable tray on the bottom or it opens, open it. You can take a pastry brush to remove the crumbs that don’t fall out easily. You can then turn your toaster upside (over the garbage or garbage disposal) down to shake out any additional crumbs from the slots.

Use a Cleaning Solution on Removable Parts

In a sink, fill it with warm water and dishwashing liquid. You can submerge any removable parts, like the knobs or crumb tray. Wash it with a sponge and rinse it with just water. Dry with a microfiber cloth.

Brush Crumbs from the Inside

When the crumb tray is removed, use your pastry brush to get any crumbs that might still be stuck inside the toaster. Don’t risk putting your finger into the toaster slots, as you could damage the components or hurt yourself. Try to work from top to bottom.

How To Clean Toaster on the Outside

Clean the Exterior of the Toaster

Get a sponge wet with soapy water and wipe the outside of your toaster. You want to have a damp sponge and not dripping wet. Do some diligent cleaning around the dials, handles, and levers. Some toasters have removable dials. If this is the case, remove them and let them soak in a soapy solution. When the outside is sufficiently clean, wipe it with a sponge dipped in water to remove any soap residue. Dry the outside of your toaster with a microfiber cloth to eliminate any streaks.

How to Clean Toaster Ovens

Unplug Toaster, Remove Components, and Soak Them

Most ovens have a cooking tray and rack that can be removed. Once removed, these can be washed in warm, soapy water or placed in the dishwasher. If there is stuck-on food, allow the components to soak overnight in soapy water for easier cleaning.

Remove Crumbs by Shaking

Bring the toaster oven over to the sink or the garbage can. If your toaster oven allows you to, open the bottom and shake well. This will help to get rid of the majority of the crumbs and other food bits. You can use a pastry brush to brush out further crumbs that may be sticking onto any grease within the oven.

Create a Cleaning Solution

Mix 2 cups of warm water and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid along with ½ cup of white vinegar.

Clean Inside

Submerge a sponge into the cleaning solution and wring it out so it’s damp. You don’t want it dripping wet so wring it out well. Wipe the inside of the toaster oven with the sponge and frequently rinse so you’re not spreading grease around. If there’s food burnt onto the inside, you can use a paste with baking soda and a tiny bit of water. Dip a plastic scrubby into the paste and scrub areas where food is stuck. Make sure not to use anything too abrasive, like steel wool. Don’t try to clean the heating elements; avoid letting them get saturated with your cleaning solution.

Making the Glass Clear and Shiny

If your toaster oven has a glass window, you can keep it clean and enjoy the benefits of looking to see the progress of any cooking you’re doing. It’s pretty unsightly to have grease caked onto the glass as well. You can use white vinegar to get rid of any grease. Put the vinegar in a spray bottle and wipe it with a soft cloth. The soft cloth will keep it streak-free.

Cleaning the Outside

With the same cleaning solution, you can take a soft sponge or cloth and wipe down the external areas of your toaster oven. Use a spray bottle with straight vinegar to shine any stainless steel. Make sure to clean all of the controls. Sometimes they can be removed, and in which case, you can wash them in warm soapy water. Ensure they’re totally dry before returning them to the toaster oven.

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