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A Weekly Cleaning Schedule That's Quick and Easy

Weekly Cleaning Schedule

A Weekly Cleaning Schedule That's Quick and Easy

Keeping a clean home can be nearly impossible, with kids who enjoy being messy, your spouse’s habit of leaving clothing outside the laundry hamper, your pet’s toys all over the house, and your own inability to keep your home tidy. And the idea of cleaning up the entire mess in one weekend might be intimidating. Thankfully, weekly cleaning schedules exist. They help you streamline your chores so that you can accomplish a little bit at a time rather than all at once. Learn how to make a weekly cleaning schedule, as well as a sample cleaning schedule we have put together. Then, feel free to adjust it to fit your needs.

Why is it essential to have a weekly house cleaning routine?

Research has found that people who clean their homes on a daily basis are happier, and their productivity levels are higher. On the other hand, clutter may lead to procrastination and even poor dietary choices, so maintaining a clean environment is more than simply a sparkling bathroom. A weekly cleaning schedule will help you keep the mess in your house controlled. In a home with kids, this might be practically impossible, but it’s something to consider when planning your routine.

Tips for Creating a Weekly Cleaning Program

Keep your Cleaning Supplies Nearby

Having the correct products in an orderly location is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a consistent weekly cleaning schedule. When it’s time to mop the kitchen floor, it’s much easier if the mop, bucket, and soap are all in one place and easy to store. Spending too much time looking for the equipment you need can frustrate you and make you less likely to clean in the future. Just make sure you invest in good quality products. For example, it’s pointless to spend money on a vacuum that can’t handle your rugs or that will break down after a few months.

Save Time by Planning Strategically

If you want to keep your house clean, you should complete a few tasks every day. Each task should just take a few minutes and can be accomplished as you go about your daily routine. For example, make your bed every morning, and toss the filthy clothes into a hamper. Next, load the dishwasher with dirty plates and spoons. Then, on your way out the door, take out the trash.

When you arrive home from work, taking ten minutes to clear out the clutter may make a massive difference in the cleanliness of your home as well as your mood. Clothes, toys, and other objects that are frequently kept on a chair and forgotten about should have their designated places. When you know where everything goes, getting rid of clutter becomes more manageable and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Make a Weekly Cleaning Schedule

The first step in keeping yourself accountable to your weekly cleaning schedule is to create one that works for you. It could be problematic if you try to follow an over-the-top demanding schedule you got online that doesn’t fit your lifestyle needs. So instead, create a sensible plan that you know you can complete even on your busiest, most chaotic days without overworking yourself.

The Ultimate Weekly Cleaning Schedule


Concentrate on the dining room.

Mondays should be kept low in terms of workload and house chores.

  • In the dining room, clear out the clutter.

  • Use a microfiber cloth and vinegar cleaning solution to wipe down dining room furnishings.

  • Dust china cabinets and other similar items lightly.

  • Upholstery should be vacuumed.


Concentrate on shared living spaces.

Dust and vacuum your shared living spaces to the max. This is also an excellent time to clean small bathrooms or guest rooms that aren’t used too often.

  • Vacuum the dining room, living room, kitchen, and hallways.

  • Dust the shelves and books on them.

  • Wipe out the sink, toilets, and other surfaces of your small bathrooms.

  • Vacuum and dust the guest bedroom.

  • Clean the mirrors and glass with vinegar and newspaper.


Concentrate on high-traffic areas.

The middle of the week is an excellent time to handle high-traffic places that tend to amass a lot of junk. So we’ll break it up into two days, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.

  • De-clutter your living room.

  • Dust gaming systems, consoles, TVs, and other electronic devices.

  • Clean the coffee table and side tables with a damp cloth.

  • Blankets can be folded and stacked in a basket.

  • Fluff up the pillows.

  • Vacuum the living room once more, paying particular attention to the areas under and behind heavy furniture.

  • Do the laundry.

  • While the cycle is running, wipe clean the surfaces in the laundry room.

  • Fold your clean laundry and distribute clothes to their proper places.


Concentrate on high-traffic areas.

The second day of tackling high-traffic areas is here! You’ll want to concentrate on entryways, hallways, and bedrooms this time.

  • So some laundry with bedding and sheets.

  • In all bedrooms, change the bedding.

  • Vacuum the regions behind bedside tables, drawers, and the hallways between bedrooms.

  • Remove stuff from bedside tables and dressers, wipe the surfaces, and put everything back.

  • Declutter shoe racks and coat racks

  • Mop the entryway.


Concentrate on the home office.

Friday is an excellent day to take a break from larger cleaning projects. It’s the end of the week, and you’ve got a wonderful weekend planned, so you might want to put the clutter aside for a few hours.

But if you really want to get some work done on Friday, make it your home office. Prepping your workspace for Monday on a Friday will make returning to your office the following week a lot easier.

  • Clean your desk by removing everything from it before wiping it down.

  • Make sure you dust your desk lighting, monitor, and keyboard.

  • Organize your papers.

  • Vacuum the upholstery and floors.

  • Untangle the cords.


Concentrate on deep cleaning the bathroom.

Even though the weekend is all about intensive cleaning, these rooms go by quickly.

  • Bathroom sinks, shower curtains, worktops, cupboards, knobs, and toilets should all be disinfected.

  • Soap scum should be removed from bathtubs and showers.

  • Use baking soda to clean your showerhead.

  • Clean all toilet bowls using toilet bowl cleaner.

  • Sweep and mop the bathroom floors.


Concentrate on the kitchen.

Why not tackle the kitchen simultaneously as you prepare your meals on Sundays? Keep in mind to clean as you go!

  • Wipe down all surfaces, including counters, cabinets, and the stovetop.

  • The microwave should be cleaned both inside and out.

  • Clean all of the handles of the fridge, oven, microwave, cabinets.

  • Wipe the sink nozzle.

  • Polish all the appliances.

  • Mop the floor.

  • Toss out any food that has gone bad.

Feel free to adjust the plan if it doesn’t suit your home, lifestyle, or family. Weekly cleaning schedules are most effective when they are tailored to your specific requirements.

Remember your plan is designed to help you maintain a tidy home, not to put pressure on you. You don’t have to be super thorough with the cleaning up!

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