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How To Clean House Fast - Tips and Tricks

Nobody wants to spend the whole day cleaning their home. There are a few ways to lay the foundation so that if you need to, you can do a quick clean of your home. When considering how to clean a house fast, you’ll first want to ensure that your home is regularly cleaned. When you go a few weeks without touching a dustpan, your house will have a lot of build-ups and you’ll have to spend more time cleaning up.

It’s also important to be organized before you begin cleaning. If you go through the tasks necessary to clean your home in the right way, it’s more efficient and reduces your time. This is how house cleaning services clean your house as fast as they do. They have a method to their cleaning where they start at the top and work their way down. Here are some tips on how to clean a house fast.

The System to a Clean House Fast

Professional cleaners know how to clean a house fast. It is partly through efficiency that they are able to clean a house quickly. Having a system allows you to clean your house quickly without missing any important steps. You should clean your house in the same order every time you do it. Work on one room at a time from top to bottom. Start and finish at the same spot in the room so you save time on running back and forth

To spend less time cleaning, consistency is key. When you clean the same way every time, it becomes a routine and something you don’t have to think about. This is why Toronto housekeepers can clean your home so efficiently. In fact, the longer they clean your home, the more efficient they clean it. Having a long-term relationship with a professional cleaner becomes more beneficial as time goes on. Your routine is your method and it speeds things up to the point you can clean your home well in half the time.

Start from the top and work your way down. Think about it this way, if you start by wiping a table and then clean your blinds, the dust will fall onto the table you just cleaned. Start with the ceiling fan, blinds, and then onto tables. This should be something you consider in every room with the highest shelves first and working your way down. Clean a room left to right, this will allow you to systematically cover the room instead of bouncing from one place to the next while potentially missing areas.

When you’re not systematic and just clean as you see a mess, it takes much longer to complete. It involves thinking, which ultimately slows down the process.

Have Tools and Cleaning Products Ready

You want to have all your cleaning products with you so you don’t need to walk back and forth to grab what’s needed. Take the products you need to each room. Professional housekeepers will often wear an apron with pockets so you can keep rubber gloves, rags, and whatever else you need with you. You don’t necessarily need big spray bottles of cleaner. You can fill cleaner into smaller bottles that are reusable and far easier to carry. You may even want to invest in a caddy to stay more organized.

Spray Hard-to-Clean Spots and Walk Away

A clever house to clean house fast trick is to spray hard to clean spaces and walk away. For example, start by spraying an all-purpose cleaner in your shower before starting to clean your bathroom. Clean the sink, soiled, and bathtub and once you’ve made your way to the shower, the cleaner has done have the work. You will probably just have to wipe grime and scum away with a cloth. You may even want to spray your shower after you have taken a shower. The space already has heat and humidity so it literally cleans itself. Not having to do a scrub clean of the shower when you want to do a quick clean saves a good 15 minutes.

Use a Feather Duster for Fast Dusting

Feather dusters are one of those efficient tools that were likely created by a professional cleaner. There is nothing easier to use when it comes to getting dust off blinds, pictures, electronic equipment, and nooks. We suggest a high-quality duster as they’re less likely to shed their feathers. This is great for routine dusting and when you need to clean your home fast. Feather dusting is something you can do for routine dusting but ultimately, you’ll need to do some deeper dusting every two weeks.

Cut Down Grease Fast

Grease takes a long time to clean up and if you’re looking to clean your house fast, you’ll want to know the efficient way to cut grease down. Grease can end up all over the place depending on what kind of stove you have and what kind of food you cook. A cleaner with orange oil helps to cut down grease and it smells delightful. A grease-cutting dishwashing detergent is also great for cutting through grease.

You can create a perfect mixture with a tablespoon of grease-cutting detergent in a gallon of warm water. Wipe grease off with a sponge and rinse off with a clean sponge and warm water. If you’re experiencing tougher stains related to grease, mix baking soda with water and use a scrubber to gently scrub the area.

Get Rid of Stains Quickly with Magic Eraser

When you’re looking for a way on how to clean your house fast, the Magic Eraser can be really helpful. There are just some things this mysterious little sponge can do that no other cleaning supply can. It takes off stains quickly and easily. No matter what room you’re in, take a Magic Eraser and let it erase any unwanted stains that don’t seem to come off any other way. It’s ideal for all types of walls and surfaces.

Vacuum Systematically

Vacuuming takes up a lot of the cleaning time and you can cut down your time by doing it in a systematic way. Do the entire length of the room in a straight row staring as far away from the entryway. You want to vacuum your way out of a room. Vacuum in long rows and back yourself out of the room. Put the cord over your shoulder so it’s one less thing to think about.

Have Regular Cleanings Done

If you have regular cleanings done quickly, you can use all of the tips we’ve laid out. A professional housekeeper goes into the deep cleaning so you don’t have to fuss with that when you’re looking to do a quick clean. The key to cutting down cleaning time is to have it done regularly. This allows you to do quick cleans to just keep up the overall cleanliness.



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