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Commercial Cleaning Checklist - 2023 Updated

Depending on the business type, an office building or commercial space is frequently separated into distinct sections. This comprises common areas such as workstations, kitchens, bathrooms, meeting rooms, etc. When thoroughly disinfecting a room, each area within an office needs unique cleaning products.

The article includes a selection of office cleaning checklists for commercial facilities and buildings. These elements on an office cleaning checklist guarantee that each area receives the attention it deserves.

Commercial Cleaning Checklists for Offices and Buildings

Your office may appear clean when the cleaning crew leaves, but how do you ensure you get the services you paid for? We have the solution at Squeaky Cleaning Oakville. We provide our clients with a commercial cleaning checklist that details the services we will provide.

There are no unexpected outcomes or excuses. When you receive our list, you’ll know exactly what to expect from our cleaning specialists. And our cleaning specialists will know precisely what kind of service they are expected to deliver. By making these promises, we raise your expectations and take satisfaction in exceeding them. Our clients appreciate it when we are open and honest about our services. There will be no shocks your way. Instead, our clients are delighted with the results because we deliver exactly what we promise.

Office Cleaning Checklist

To preserve the hygiene levels of your office or commercial space, complete the following office cleaning checklist chores daily.

Commercial Reception Area Cleaning Checklist

  1. Remove the rubbish from the garbage cans and replace the bags with new ones

  2. Clean all surfaces and dividers with a disinfectant

  3. Use a glass cleaner liquid to clean the office’s glass windows

  4. Dust office furniture and equipment like tables, office seats, and devices like printers and laptops

  5. Sweep or vacuum hard floor surfaces

  6. Mop floors using disinfectant cleaners

Commercial Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

  1. Sweep and mop bathroom floors with detergent

  2. Clear the cobwebs

  3. Polish any mirrors, shelves, and other surfaces

  4. Sanitize the vanity, then polish the chrome

  5. Spot clean hand prints and soil around door handles and doors

  6. Disinfect urinals and commodes using a cleaning detergent

  7. Wipe clean tile walls, partitions, doors, and dispensers

  8. Empty the towel receptacles

  9. Remove trash and waste paper for sanitation pickup

  10. Replace toilet paper, towel dispensers and soap as required

Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

  1. Sweep and mop floors using a disinfecting detergent

  2. Clear the cobwebs

  3. Dust the blinds

  4. Sanitize the sink, then polish the chrome

  5. Disinfect the kitchen countertops

  6. Wipe clean the outside of cabinets

  7. Disinfect all table and chair surfaces

  8. Wipe all wall hangings as required

  9. Spot clean hand prints and soil around door handles and doors

  10. Vacuum the kitchen carpets

  11. Empty and re-line trash cans

  12. Wash the small appliances, clean

  13. Wipe the inside of the microwave

  14. Clean the inside of the refrigerator

General Commercial Cleaning Checklist

  1. Dust all blinds and windows

  2. Dust all accessible areas

  3. Clear any cobwebs

  4. Clean all doors, door handles, light switches, and frames

  5. Vacuum any carpeted areas

  6. Wipe all wall hangings

  7. Brush and vacuum the sofas and chairs

  8. Vacuum and mop the hardwood floors and the stairs

  9. Disinfect office telephones

  10. Clean water coolers and water fountains (if any)

  11. Dust surfaces such as cabinets and desks

  12. Dust chairs and wipe chair arms and edges

  13. Wipe clean all glass surfaces in the office

  14. Empty wastepaper baskets and other containers; re-line them

At Squeaky Cleaning Oakville, we want you and your employees to feel at ease in your office. With a fresh aroma and a clean environment, you’ll want us to clean your home too! Call or email us today for the best experience cleaning services in Oakville.



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