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The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

When you manage an office, you must ensure it is clean, tidy and organized so you can be as productive as possible. You also want to ensure that you provide your employees with a comfortable and pleasant environment that helps to keep them motivated.

To achieve this, you need to schedule office cleanings from time to time. Your team can clean the office independently, or you can hire a professional to take care of all the maintenance tasks for you. If you are planning a cleaning schedule for the office, attempt to follow this ultimate office cleaning checklist. This checklist contains information about all parts of the office you need to ensure are not overlooked when cleaning and how often each item needs to be cleaned.

office cleaning checklist

Office Cleaning Checklists

Office Desks and Cubicles

Follow the steps below to ensure that areas where employees sit and work, such as shared desks, cubicles and work tables, are clean and tidy.

  • Dust keyboards and wipe computer screens.

  • Empty trash cans, and recycle paper.

  • Vacuum floors under and around tables and desks.

  • Clean office windows.

  • Disinfect surfaces people touch: keyboards, lamps, switches, pens etc.

  • Dust the shelves, desks, and other surfaces.

Office Kitchens and Break Rooms

Office kitchens and break rooms or lounges get used a lot. Here is how to ensure they stay immaculate:

  • Throw away food wrappers, expired perishable food, unwanted food etc.

  • Clean dishware and utensils and put the clean ones away.

  • Empty the trash can and recycling bin.

  • Discard the old food in the refrigerator and wipe all surfaces with a disinfecting spray.

  • Clean the coffee machine and discard old coffee grinds.

  • Disinfect and wipe surfaces on which people prepare and eat food, such as tables and counters.

  • Clean kitchen appliances such as toasters or microwaves.

  • Refill the water dispenser after washing it and restock disposable cups.

Office Reception and Waiting Areas

If your office has a waiting area to welcome guests, you need to make sure it helps you make a great first and lasting impression.

To achieve that, follow the cleaning steps below:

  • Organize and wipe the welcome desk.

  • Dust the desk, waiting room tables, surfaces and more.

  • Empty the trash can and recycling bin.

  • Fill the water dispenser and refill disposable water cups.

  • Wipe all tables and decoration pieces.

  • Organize magazines or catalogues that are kept for visitors to read.

  • Dust and wipe the windows clean and other items that visitors see.

  • Disinfect and wipe the TV screens.

  • Make it a point to get the carpet in the waiting and common areas cleaned once in at least 3-4 months, so they’re always looking fresh.

Office Bathrooms

All office bathrooms need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Maintain safety, health and hygiene by following these steps:

  • Disinfect and clean the toilets.

  • Disinfect and clean the sinks.

  • Sweep the floors. Spray a disinfecting solution on them and mop after.

  • Wipe all surfaces and cabinets.

  • Replace the empty toilet paper rolls.

  • Clean the mirror using a disinfecting spray.

  • Make sure the hand dryers are functioning properly. If there is any problem, report it to a technician or maintenance expert.

The Area Outside Your Office

Ensure you do not forget the area outside your office, as it helps portray your first impression. To keep the exterior clean, follow the steps below:

  • Sweep the sidewalk and near the front door.

  • Clean the welcome mat.

  • Ensure the doors and windows are free from dirt and any streaks.

  • Empty the trash bins.

  • Trim branches or shrubs that obstruct the sidewalk.

The Best Solution: For office cleaning services, hire professionals to help ensure that all tasks are professionally and efficiently completed. Our team of cleaning service experts will ensure that every part of your office is in good condition and will facilitate a healthy working environment that feels great to work in.



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