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Best Balcony Cleaning Service Toronto

Have you ever looked down at your balcony floor and wondered why you don’t clean your balcony as much as you clean your home? You wouldn’t be the first one! We often neglect to clean our balconies as much as we clean our homes. This could be due to multiple reasons; maybe we don’t spend as much time out there as we do inside. Maybe during winter, it’s too cold to even step out there for a moment of fresh air. But once you are ready to start taking in the breathtaking views of the Toronto skyline (or the views of the condo next door, depending on the location of your condo), it’s time to get that balcony cleaned!

Detailed Balcony Cleaning Toronto

Cleaning a balcony is one thing but doing a thorough and detailed job is another. It all starts with getting those sliding doors to sparkle and shine. It’s essential to clean the inside and outside of the balcony doors individually. Ensure they are sprayed and wiped down from top to bottom. The bottom and top track are also important to get clean since there could be years of built-up dirt trapped inside. Our cleaners may need to open and close the doors multiple times to ensure that all dirt comes off those tracks.

Balcony Floor Cleaning

Most balcony flooring is cement, which can be notoriously difficult to clean. These areas often need mopping multiple times before they come clean. But the tricky part is that you can’t use a lot of soapy water that will drip down onto the balconies below. Condo corporations often issue fines for this type of activity, which is the last thing we want to cause. Therefore, we must use just the right amount of soapy water that won’t cause any issues below. When we’re spraying glass cleaner on glass barriers, the same rule must be applied. Just spray enough Windex on the glass and then wipe it clean.

Balcony Wall Cleaning

Cleaning your balcony walls is equally as important as the floors. Whether it’s the glass barrier, railing, walls on each side or walls around your sliding doors, this area cannot be forgotten. Spraying the walls with a good disinfectant solution, waiting a moment for them to soak in and then wiping the walls firmly is what’s needed. There’s often stuck-on dirt and grime that requires some elbow grease to come loose.

Balcony Window Cleaning

The best balcony cleaning company in Toronto will come fully equipped with all of the cleaning supplies and tools necessary to do a 5-star job. If there are any hard to reach places such as huge windows or vents up high, it’s important to let us know when booking. Squeaky Cleaners will come fully equipped with extendable cleaning tools that will allow them to reach hard to reach places. Whether you need certainly let us know, and we would be glad to help.



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