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A Clean Environment Leads to a Positive Mindset

Everyone wants their brain to work at an optimum level. But do you know that the environment plays a crucial role in changing your mindset? A clean environment lets you think positively and have a clear mind. The atmosphere around you matters a lot to your brain than you can imagine.

According to a study published by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and California Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, a clean environment leads to a relaxed state of mind that can help remember things better and process new information quickly. This is the first study that points out how your brain's memorization process reaches its peak when you live in a clean environment.

A clean environment doesn't necessarily mean a world without air or water pollution. It also indicates how you live at home. Suppose you live in a house in Toronto amidst blossoming plants and tall trees. There's hardly any pollution around. You get fresh water, you don't need an air purifier, and everything around you looks spot-free. BUT you don't keep your house clean. There is clutter everywhere. From your kitchen to your bedroom, things are always haphazard. In this scenario, you may not have a clear mind, as the experts discussed.

The Relation Between Brain And Clean Environment

Your brain displays various brain waves in the cortex. Different brain waves have different purposes, and together, they serve your optimal mental health. Theta is one of the brain waves that produce feelings like relaxation, sleepiness, meditation, and daydreaming. Scientists also call it the mind's "twilight state."

Theta is responsible for enhancing your brain's receptivity. It increases your mind's clarity and improves the speed at which you learn and memorize things. Your brain sends theta waves in massive numbers when you remain in a clean environment.

Have you noticed that your mind stays relaxed when you take a trip to the mountains or in places where there is greenery all around? This happens because your brain releases theta waves, and therefore, your mind goes into a relaxed zone filled with positivity for a few days.

According to scientists, you can create better and long-lasting memories when your mind stays relaxed in a healthy environment. That's why many students prefer to study late at night or very early in the morning because the situation is relatively quiet and peaceful. This helps their brain to absorb new things and learn complicated topics quickly. Your brain's memory-related neurons synchronize with the theta waves and enhance your learning and memorizing skills.

A Clean Space Leads To a Clear mind

Apart from relying on the environment, you should also ensure that you keep your things clean, be it at your workplace or home. Cleanliness is essential for your mind's clarity. It is also instrumental for your mental wellness. A study on the psychology of the home showed that homeowners who described their houses as messy or cluttered were more prone to depression and anxiety. On the other hand, people who described their homes as restorative or restful had higher mental well-being.

The evidence proves that messy spaces tend to impact your mind negatively. They make it difficult for your mind to focus on specific tasks. A cluttered desk in your office would frequently disengage your mind from concentrating on tasks in hand. This leads to low self-esteem.

But, when you tidy things up, your mind automatically switches to a positive mode. You feel optimistic, even if you fail to achieve your goal at work. Your self-confidence grows significantly.

The Reality of Cleanliness

If staying clean is so good for your mental health, why is it so difficult to be organized? Whenever you show up at work, the first thing that comes to mind is completing the tasks in hand. Cleaning the table remains at the last of your priority list. In a way, you are depriving your brain of achieving the optimum level that it can reach. This is the reality for most people.

It is another reason why you should change your lifestyle first before blaming everything on pollution. Cleanliness starts at home. If you can achieve this task, you will soon notice a positive change in your mind at work and your house.

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