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How to Clean Walls to Remove Scuffs and Stains

Learning how to clean walls requires some basic understanding of what they are made of. You should know how to clean your walls for a more beautiful and healthy home. If you frequently spot clean and dust your walls, you will not need to wash them occasionally. All you will need are a couple of standard household cleaning items to get you started with the mission of getting your walls looking new again.

Keep reading to know our Top 5 Tips to have clean walls in no time. Having bright and fresh walls will be oh-so rewarding!

how to clean walls

Get Your Basic Cleaning Tools Out

First of all, you will need a clean microfiber cloth or a soft sponge. A soft sponge is the better option here since it will be very gentle on the walls, especially ones that have a flat or matte finish. Another useful tool is the vacuum cleaner or a duster. A quick tip is to make sure you’re using a damp sponge or cloth on your walls, and not a soaked one. A soaked sponge or cloth can cause the paint on your walls to wear off due to the excess water on them.

Dust Walls Before You Start Cleaning Them

Before you clean your walls, you'll have to dust them to get rid of the thin layer of dust particles on top. A simple way to do this is by using a vacuum with a soft bristle attachment. Alternatively, you can use a standard duster or a microfiber dust cloth on a long-handled sweeper and run them over your walls in a vertical motion. This will help you trap dust, dirt and cobwebs in those hard to reach corners of your walls and ceiling so you are all ready for washing.

Check The Paint Finish on Your Walls

Keep in mind that the shinier the paint finish, whether it’s glossy or eggshell, the more scrubbing the walls can endure without some of the paint rubbing off. On the other hand, if your paint is flat, you would want to use a gentle cleaning solution. Also, take extra caution not to scrub on it too hard or the paint could lose its colour or wash out completely.

Clean The Walls – Beginning at The Top

Simply use some water and a soft sponge or cloth to wipe your walls if they aren’t too dirty. You can also use a solution of water mixed with a few drops of dish soap, especially if you spot any grease stains on your walls. If that doesn’t work, another option is to use a mixture of ½ cup vinegar, 1/4th cup baking soda and a gallon of water. Mix it up and pour it into an empty spray bottle. Spray onto the stains and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.

Pay Special Attention to Tough Stains

Use a magic eraser sponge for tough stains like colour pencils, crayon or scruff marks. When the stain is new, it’s easier to eliminate from walls so try to get rid of it as soon as it happens. Wet the sponge in the sink and squeeze out the water. Rub it gently on the mark. After a few gentle swipes, the mark is likely to vanish leaving your wall looking beautiful and bright.

So the next time you think of deep-cleaning your home, add ‘clean walls’ to your checklist, as clean walls really do add value to a clean home. I hope the above tips help you achieve fresh and sparkling walls for your home!

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