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Cleaning Services


What does it take to showcase your business and stand out from the rest in Toronto? A quality product and excellent customer service are vital, but the presentation of the employees, building, and business contribute to success.

Even the smallest details of keeping the premises clean can either make or break a new contract or sale. When you realize that first impressions matter, you should seek the professional cleaning services Toronto offers to ensure your company is showcased correctly.

However, not all cleaning tasks or providers are the same. A professional cleaning company takes the time to understand the use of the premises, traffic flow, and the required standards. Our company offers an array of professional services that we will delve deeper into this read.

Glass Cleaning


Toronto has a fantastic view, and having a glass office is one of the best things. However, it's only amazing until you open the glass door too many times, covering it with greasy marks.

Our company provides glass cleaning services that will have your view unblemished by greasy marks in no time. Our cleaners are experts and reliable in creating streak-free glass surfaces.


Emergency Same Day Cleaning


Emergencies are not uncommon and will happen to everyone at some point. Chances are your business premises will be confronted by an emergency at some point. An emergency can take the form of something breaking that causes a big mess or vandalism that leaves your window broken or graffitied your space.

Regardless of the emergency, our commercial cleaners can handle the post-emergency cleanup. We deal with occupant accidents, vandalism, negative weather-related cases, and water mitigation.


Secure Cleaning

As with all commercial premises, government facilities ideally get dirty and have to be cleaned. Unfortunately, finding a cleaning company that's staffed with trustworthy and reliable cleaners who will handle the task and be trusted with potentially classified information can usually be challenging.

Our company is staffed with fully cleared and vetted individuals who have taken comprehensive background checks to meet stringent government standards. We ideally provide high-security buildings with dusting, sanitization, and even green cleaning to create an excellent working space for all employees.


Green Cleaning


Unless you live under a rock, you know that green everything has become a trend in commercial spaces in Toronto. Businesses are now, more than ever, adopting green solutions to help conserve the environment, make spaces healthier, and gain a better reputation. Well, our company provides green commercial cleaning services in Toronto, offering our clients a healthier clean that has resounding benefits for their employees, environment, and buildings.

Green cleaning is the way to go, as it minimizes using harsh cleaning chemicals that can adversely affect the environment and human health. When you seek green cleaning services, you will reduce your office premise's water bill and the number of sick days your staff takes.


Post-Construction Cleaning


Repairs and renovations can be exciting as they give your building a facelift, one that will appeal to both existing and new clients and partners. Unfortunately, when the project is done, work is still to be done before the premises are fully presentable. Getting a post-construction cleaning service is an excellent way to give all the surfaces that may have gotten dusty a new shine.

If you have lived in a house while it is under construction, then you know how dust gets almost everywhere. This causes airway irritation and allergies, the last thing you want in the workplace. Using a commercial cleaning company will get your business up and running quickly, and the premises will be presentable in no time.


Reasons to Use a Professional Cleaning Company


Now that you know some of the most common commercial cleaning services Toronto offers, why should you hire a professional?

First and foremost, they are professionals. Commercial cleaners are trained in the right way to dust, clean, and sanitize your premises. Having a clean workplace takes more than just being organized. The experts know how to give your building the clean environment it requires.

Time is money. When you delegate cleaning duties to your employees or do it independently, you lose time and money, which can even lower workplace morale. You undoubtedly didn't hire your employees to clean the toilet. So, let them do what they are best at and delegate the cleaning tasks to the professionals.

Professional cleaners carry their supplies. There is a good chance you do not have the right cleaning products in your supply room. It would help if you had the right supplies to get the best office cleaning services that your building requires. Professional commercial cleaners have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and products, and if they provide green cleaning services, you will enjoy even more benefits.

As you can see, there are good reasons to seek professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto. So, do not hesitate to get in touch with Squeaky Cleaning today!

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