One Bedroom Apt.

Flat Rate $120

Two Bedroom Apt.

Flat Rate $140

Three Bedroom Apt.

Flat Rate $160

Two Bedroom Townhome

Three Bedroom Townhome

Four Bedroom Townhome

Flat Rate $160

Flat Rate $170

Flat Rate $180

Other Important Information:

  • We do bring our own supplies. We charge an additional $30 if you require us to bring our own vacuum.

  • You can easily change or cancel any booking by simply logging to your account. If you'd like us to handle the change or cancellation, please email or call 647-799-1075.

  • Please cancel by 5 pm the day before the booking or a fee of $79 will be charged.

  • We serve the City of Toronto and some of the surrounding areas. If you're not located within Toronto, let us know where you are and we'll get back to you quickly to confirm our availability.

* Flat rate cleanings do not apply to post-renovation cleanings or if the premises has not been properly maintained by the occupant. In these instances, an hourly cleaning rate of $40 would apply. Please contact us for more information.

* All prices are averages and may vary depending on square footage.

Additional Pricing Information:

  • For Deep Cleanings, add $75 (up to 3 bedrooms), $99 (4+ bedrooms)

  • For Move In/Out Cleanings, add $99 (studio, 1 bedroom), $125 (2 bedroom + 3 bedroom), $140 (4+ bedrooms)

  • Inquire about our discounts: 10% weekly, 8% bi-weekly, 7% tri-weekly, 5% monthly

  • Discounts cannot be combined with other offers, credits, or promotions

  • Please email us for a quote if your space is larger than 3,900 square feet

All Areas

  • Empty Garbage Bins

  • Vacuum & Mop All Floors

  • Dust All Surfaces

  • Dust Furniture

  • Clean Light Switches & Doorknobs


  • Wipe Fridge (outside)

  • Clean Countertops

  • Wipe Appliances

  • Clean Sink

  • Clean Stove

  • Clean Inside Microwave

  • Clean Stainless Steel

  • Wipe Oven (outside)


  • Clean Countertops

  • Scrub Toilets

  • Wipe Bathroom Cabinets (outside)

  • Clean Sinks

  • Clean Bath Tubs

  • Clean Showers

  • Clean Mirrors & Fixtures


  • Quick Floor De-Clutter

  • Make Beds

  • Wipe Table Tops


  • Clean Inside Windows

  • Clean Inside Oven

  • Clean Finished Basement

  • Move in / Move out Cleaning

  • Clean Inside Fridge

  • Clean Inside Cabinets

  • Clean Baseboards

  • Deep Cleaning

*Additional charges will apply for extras and are not included in our standard cleaning services.

Studio Apt.

Flat Rate $120

Flat Rate $180

Three Bedroom Home

Four Bedroom Home

Flat Rate $200

Flat Rate $220

Five Bedroom Home

Six Bedroom Home

Flat Rate $240

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