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Cleaning for Realtors: Squeaky Cleaning Delivers Excellence

Toronto's real estate is on fire! Realtors working in Toronto know just how quickly the real estate market moves in this amazing city. From competitive bidding wars to selling way over asking price, Toronto has been an amazing place for both buyers and sellers. The amount of transactions in the city has also created a huge need for cleaning for realtors to partner with a reliable, consistent and affordable cleaning company. This is where Squeaky Cleaning thrives for a few key reasons.

cleaning for realtors

Realtors Demand Excellence In Cleaning

In real estate, everything needs to be done right. There can't be any mistakes in property listings, showings need to happen on time, and a high level of professionalism is required. These same demands carry over to the cleaning company they decide to partner with. Cleaners must not make any mistakes, they need to show up on time, and they need to be professional if buyers or renters are in the room.

Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Availability

Top Realtors in Toronto must have an amazing cleaning partner to effortlessly schedule Move-In / Move-Out Cleanings at the end of the month. Most Toronto cleaning companies get fully booked during the end of the month, and they are not capable of accommodating a large number of cleanings during these peak times. Squeaky Cleaning has a lot of availability for Move-In / Move-Out cleanings by having a large network of flexible professional cleaners in our roster.

Detailed Deep Cleaning

As we all know, not all tenants are the same! Some tenants will thoroughly clean up after themselves before moving out, whereas others will leave the place looking like a tornado passed through. This is why our cleaners are trained to have a detailed eye when it comes to cleaning. They understand the importance of leaving a place spotless or what we like to call Squeaky Clean. Simply wiping down surfaces and running the vacuum cleaner often doesn't eliminate years of neglect at a property. Our cleaners stay until the job is done right. If they need to come back early the next day before the next tenants move in to give the place an extra sparkle and shine, it can be arranged.

Affordable Touch-Up Cleanings

The smartest Realtors know that cleanliness is a very important factor when showing a place for sale or rent. This is why best Realtors will schedule touch-up cleanings after open houses or showings with multiple interested parties. Squeaky Cleaning can offer affordable touch-up cleanings since our cleaners are often dispersed across the city on any given day. We can accommodate small cleanups of 1-2 hours for rock bottom rates.

Flexible Scheduling

At Squeaky Cleaning, we know plans change on short notice. This is why we offer our Realtor partners preferential scheduling and cancellation policies unmatched in the industry. We can schedule a cleaning with notice as short as an hour or cancel with a very small penalty. Partnering with Squeaky Cleaning comes with a variety of perks that cleaning for realtors all across the Greater Toronto Area are experiencing daily. Give us a call today to speak with our friendly staff.



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