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Tips of Cleaning a Flat Screen TV

Your electronics quickly attract dust and will easily smudge just from the touching buttons. Cleaning a flat screen TV isn’t hard if you use the right cleaning materials and products. Whether you have an LCD or plasma TV, any flat screen TV is made from flexible materials and when you’re cleaning it, you’ll want to be gentle.

Cleaning a flat screen TV requires you to be mindful of the sensitive components. Don’t use heavy chemical cleaners as this could lead to a broken or blank screen. For example, don’t use window cleaning spray. You can leave scratches on the screen if you use what would seemingly be harmless materials like paper towels. There is a right way to clean your TV, here are the steps.

Cleaning a Flat Screen TV

Microfiber cloth

Mild dish soap

You want to make sure to turn off your TV as this helps you to see where dust and smudges have collected. It also gives your screen some time to cool down. When your TV screen is hot, it’s harder to clean and it’s more susceptible to damage.

We highly recommend that you look at the Owner’s Manual to see what they recommend for your specific TV model. If you don’t have the manual anymore, you can easily find it online. Your manual may warn you about certain things that could harm your TV. If you ignore them and the screen becomes damaged, it voids the warranty.

Generally though, when cleaning a flat screen TV, you should use a soft cloth like microfiber. This gets rid of the surface lint. Don’t scrub the screen with any pressure as it can cause the liquid crystals inside the screen to burn out or even misalign.

With a damp cloth (unless it’s prohibited in the User Manual), wipe the screen gently. When you do use water, spray it onto the cleaning towel and not right onto the screen. This allows you more control of where the dampness is going and how much you’re using. You’ll want another clean, dry cloth to dry it immediately.

Adding Dish Soap

When cleaning a flat screen TV, you can use a drop of gentle dish soap if there are grime or finger marks. You just want one drop of dish soap into a ¼ cup of water. Apply it to the microfiber cloth and wipe away the marks. With a second cloth, you want to lightly dampen it in water only. This gets any soap off the TV. You then want to use the third cloth to dry the screen.



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