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Laundry Room Cleaning Checklist

In this quick laundry room cleaning checklist, we make it easy for you to develop a routine that tackles all aspects of your laundry room. When you’re washing clothes in a washer and dryer, it tends to attract a lot of dust. You want to maintain the machines themselves with regular cleaning so they last a long time and function optimally.

Laundry Room Cleaning Checklist


Run white vinegar through the washer

Dust the outside

Use vinegar and water for any stains or marks


Empty out the lint trap

Wipe off any fuzz and lint with a damp cloth or even reuse a fabric softener sheet

If there’s a waxy buildup on the screen of the lint trap, wash it out or vacuum it

Wipe inside of the dryer drum

Scrub any residue with an old toothbrush

Dishwashing Sink

Wash the inside of the sink with cleaner and cloth

Shine the faucet with a microfiber cloth


Wipe down surfaces like shelving and bins

The Floor


Launder rugs

Run a dust mop underneath the washer/dryer

Clean Dryer Hose

Run duster around and inside of your dryer hose

Vacuum with crevice attachment

Beyond Washer/Dryer

Move machine with appliance wheels or casters

Use a brush attachment with your vacuum to clean behind your washing machine and dryer.


Vacuum vents on a high setting with a brush attachment

Wipe the grates of the vents with a damp cloth


Use vinegar and water on the windows and wipe with a microfiber cloth

Laundry Room Cleaning Tips

Keeping your laundry room clean and organized makes staying on top of the seemingly endless pile of dirty clothes less stressful. Use these laundry room cleaning tips to streamline your laundry room duties!



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