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How to Clean a Clogged Drain

If you have ever stepped into a shower only to stand in a few inches of water after a few minutes, it’s time to do something about your drains. We are going to walk you through how to clean a clogged drain so you don’t have to call a professional house cleaner. There are a lot of drains around your home that can clog up. When your garbage disposal stops working and your sinks back up with water and food chunks, you’ll definitely want to know how to clean clogged drain issues.

With the right tools and products, you may be able to unclog your drain in the kitchen sink, tub, toilet, and floor drain.

how to clean a clogged drain

Bathroom Sinks

A clog in your bathroom sink can be caused by a variety of things slipping down the sink like hair, toothpaste that hardens, and hair from shaving. These are usually fairly easy. If your sink starts to drain slowly, it’s important to know how to clean clogged drain issues in the bathroom.

Mix half a cup of baking soda with a few quarts of bullying water. Pour this mixture down the drain. It may take a few rinses over a few days to fully get rid of the clog but you’ll start to notice a difference with every time you do it. How to clean a clogged drain that is stubborn may involve professional cleaning help as there are tools that can fix even the most abrasive clogs.

Tub and Shower Drains

Usually, hair is the problem when it comes to clogged toilets and shower drains. A cross under the drain stopper is where hair will usually accumulate. While it’s a fairly gross concept, the good news is that it's easy to fix this. Here’s how to clean a clogged drain under the sink because of hair. You remove the drain stopper and get rid of the blockage by using pliers or tweezers. If you don’t see a bunch of hair just below the drain stopper, it may have slipped further down. This makes it more difficult to get to the clog. We don’t recommend pouring Drano down in this case. These chemical-based products can actually damage your pipes.

Floor Drains

Basement floor drains can start to act up and in this case, you’ll want to use a baking soda and white vinegar mixture. How to clean a clogged drain in the floors should also be accompanied by a plunger. It can help get suction on the floor drain. You can also remove the floor drain grid completely and put a hose in it. Take a towel and screwdriver, packing the towel around the hose so water doesn’t squirt back out. This process creates a makeshift pressure washer for the drain.

Kitchen Sinks

Grease and food are the two most common reasons for kitchen sink clogs. This is why you should always scrape crumbs into your compost or garbage. While you might think crumbs should be put in the garbage disposal, you can cause a clog within that system. You also want to make sure to get any crumbs off your plates before putting them in a dishwasher. This can cause a clog in the dishwasher.

As for how to clean a clogged drain in the kitchen sink, you’ll want to use something that cuts down grease. It is the number one issue with kitchen sink drains and the best thing for it is dishwashing liquid, Dawn. It cuts through grease and will often get rid of the problem quickly.

We recommend that you don’t ever try to force things as you can permanently damage your pipes or fixtures. Specialized plumbing tools can be helpful and are often an affordable investment. Some of the more expensive tools can even be rented out.

How to Clean a Clogged Drain with Tools

You can use cable augers that are good for up to 100 feet. This allows you to dislodge clogs that have gone far down the drainpipe. You can also use a plumber’s snake. A closet auger is made for snaking out toiled. It has a hand crank instead of the spool and the cable is surrounded by a rigid shaft. The auger is bent at the angle that properly fits through the curves of a toilet trap. For large clogs, you can rent an electric power auger. This cuts through pretty much any clog even entangled tree roots. Before using an electric power auger, you’ll want the instructions to properly run it.

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