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Difference Between One-Time Cleaning Service and On-Going Cleaning Service

One-time cleaning services will likely involve deep cleaning if necessary. This brings home back to being pristine and spotless. Depending on how long you’ve done a really good clean, it could take quite a while for a team to get your home back to its original luster. While an ongoing cleaning service ensures that your home is getting cleaned regularly, a one-time cleaning service will have to make up for the lack of housekeeping care. One-time cleans are going to get rid of the dirt that slowly builds up in nooks and crannies.

one time cleaning services

One Time Cleaning Services

One time cleaning services is something that only happens two to three times per year. It’s the kind of cleaning one would do when moving into a new place or moving out of it. Ideally, though, it should be done while you’re living in the home as well. This gets beyond the basic cleaning where a professional housekeeper will deep clean into nooks and crannies, getting rid of any accumulated dirt or grime.

One time cleaning services will entail all the work of your standard cleaning but involve additional tasks. When it’s complete, there won’t be any grime left anywhere. It is far more time because they’re getting dirt out of everything. You may not notice how grimy your lighting can get or how there’s a serious buildup in the house that’s discoloring the surface. This may be a whole day service depending on the condition of the home and how large it is.

Professionals doing one time cleaning will conduct the following:

  • Removing soap scum from the bathroom, inside the tub, on surfaces, and flooring

  • Scrubbing tiles and grout

  • Cleaning the areas behind and under appliances

  • Dusting and cleaning baseboards

  • Dusting the tops of shelves and furniture

  • Dusting fan blades

  • Fully cleaning and washing both sides of all doors

  • Cleaning windows and window treatments

  • Cleaning the oven 

  • Scrubbing stovetop and drip pans

  • Shampooing any carpets

  • Vacuuming furniture

  • Cleaning mirrors top-to-bottom

  • Hand-washing light fixtures

  • Dusting and washing blinds and shutters

  • Vacuuming and washing all floors

  • Cleaning inside closets

  • Thoroughly vacuuming all carpet crevices

  • Dusting vents

One time cleaning services is going to take much longer and it will cost more but everything in your home will be thoroughly cleaned. This is a way of maintaining your home and once you’ve done it, the ongoing cleaning service will be much simpler. Deep cleans may be known as “spring cleaning” but it’s recommended you do it a little more frequently than just once a year. Both services are an investment in your home. If you rent your home out for Airbnb or at one point plan to sell it, having a professional clean it regularly with deep cleans occasionally, adds more value to it.

On-Going Cleaning Service

This standard cleaning service, also known as basic or regular cleaning consists of things like keeping the house fresh and well-organized. It depends on the size of your home and your lifestyle. If you have teenagers or small kids, it could take longer to tidy and then clean. Pets may also leave their hair around, which leads to additional cleaning. Regular cleaning entails vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, and dusting.

It is often done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and won’t take more than a few hours for a professional housekeeper or a team of two to complete. Regardless of your living conditions, everyone should have regular cleanings of their home. This maintains the value of the home as you can maintain the beauty of it. Regular cleanings are going to keep your home sparkling and ensure that dirt doesn’t build up over time. When you take care of your home, you keep it at a higher market value. On-going cleaning services are a lower-cost job and you get to enjoy coming home to a sparkling, clean house regularly.

The services you get for ongoing cleaning include:

  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping floors

  • Tidying

  • Dusting all common areas, rooms, hallway surfaces, mantles, doors, window frames, and vents

  • Cleaning and disinfecting the bathroom, kitchen counters, stovetop, appliances, sinks, and inside the microwave

  • Making beds

  • Taking out the garbage

Most housekeepers will be able to help you with both services. They will establish regular cleaning times and remind you when it’s time to do a deep cleaning. They can work within your established budget and keep your home looking pristine.



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