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How to Clean Glass Stove Top?

Deep cleaning your glass stove top not only keeps it looking new but also maintains the appliance's heating and cooking performance. We recommend using good cooktop specific or natural cleaners that should be applied after a simple cleaning and disinfecting has been completed. Follow these steps to learn how to clean glass stove tops effectively.

how to clean glass stove top

Cleaning Products

It's best to use cooktop specific products or homemade natural cleaners (e.g. baking soda and vinegar) because, unlike all-purpose cleaners or Windex that contain ammonia, they won't leave behind hazy streaks on the surface. We also recommend using microfiber cloths instead of scouring pads or scrub brushes. The aim is to disinfect, clean, and make your stovetop shine without scratching or damaging the glass.

The Process

First, ensure your stove top burners are turned off and the surface is cool. Spray on the disinfectant and let it sit on the cooktop before scrubbing off.

After removing the top layer of caked-on grime, generously apply your cooktop specific or natural cleaner, rub it in with your non-abrasive sponge or scrubbing pad in a circular motion. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before wiping off. Be sure to wipe down and remove all cleaning product residue from the surface. For those hard to remove, burned-on grease or food stains, use a single-edge razor blade at a 45-degree angle, being very careful not to scratch the glass.

Finally, buff the glass with a paper towel or microfiber cloth to shine.

Preventative Measure

We recommend regular spot cleaning during and after each use to prevent a buildup of grease and food stains that may accumulate. Frequently cleaning glass stove top allows for easy cleanup and can eliminate the need for harsh chemicals.

If you are looking for how to clean glass stove top, make sure you read the above guide for the best stove top cleaning experience.

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