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5 Quick Cleaning Tips That Can Boost Productivity At Work

“Cleanliness is Godliness.” Cleaning is not something just to be done at home; your workplace also needs a certain amount of cleaning to help keep your mind decluttered and enhance productivity. It also makes the office look far neater creating a lasting impression on those who walk into your office.

It’s a well-known fact that neat and tidy offices increase productivity. Not to mention, keeping your office clean of germs will encourage fewer employees to take off work. Giving your office a deep clean Spring Cleaning will help boost your productivity and give your office a look it needs to attract the best customers.

Here are 5 quick ideas related to cleanliness that can make you feel more motivated and more productive:

1. Clean Your Phones

Phones are a cesspool of germs. When your employees get sick, productivity declines. If they continue to do so, it becomes an even bigger problem. Cleaning your phones daily with an anti-bacterial wipe is the number one way to ensure phones are germ-free and your employees are healthy enough to produce.

2. Get Rid of That Smell

If ever you want to be efficient you might want to keep your workplace not only neatly organized, but well ventilated and a bit inspirational, as well. Make it a ritual to open the windows every morning to let the fresh breeze in. There is a science called aromatherapy, which deals with the wonderful effects of smells on our brains and bodies. You can burn incense or essential oil for productivity. Strive to avoid strong and annoying smells, for the office is a public space. A mix of frankincense, peppermint, and wild orange can spark your creative inspiration and oxygenate the brain – thus you will feel uplifted and ready for work challenges. Vetiver and lavender topped up with coconut oil can help you relieve stress.

3. Keep Desks Dust-Free

Dust carries many allergies which cause a lot of people to get sick. Keeping dust from accumulating on your desk has less to do with desk cleaning and more to do with cleaning the surrounding area to prevent dust from settling on your desk. Air vents, fans, and floors cause dust to circulate through the air, which results in the dust landing on your desk.

4. Sweep That Floor

Working in an office space that is cluttered or dirty does not help increase productivity. Sweeping floors every night is imperative to have a clean and put-together office. Apart from preventing illnesses, a clean workplace may also boost the profit and development of a business.

5. Empty The Trash

Full trash cans attract little critters. Especially trash cans full of snack and lunch wrappers. Emptying the trash daily is very important when it comes to maintaining productivity in an office. An employee working in an area that smells like a garbage bin won’t be as focused and productive as one working in an office with fresh air. So clean it each day before you leave work. Do not be afraid to throw out unnecessary items. Your recycle-bin should always be within reach.

As a commercial business owner has to do all this extra work is very time consuming, and cuts into your own productivity. Oftentimes investing in your company by hiring a professional cleaning service is the best thing you could do to improve productivity in your office.

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