Imagine, after construction is complete, coming back to a squeaky clean home. Your kitchen is sparkling clean, floors are vacuumed and mopped and laundry is finished. You dive into crisp bed sheets and wonder why you hadn’t hired a maid service before! Our Squeaky Cleaning team will come post-construction, so you can return home to an environment you enjoy. If you're in need of a thorough, post-construction clean, we can help!

Post-Construction Cleaning Service

Book a Post-Construction Cleaning service to save time and money! Squeaky Cleaners are professional,

friendly and committed to providing a consistent Post-Construction Cleaning experience that you can trust.

Each cleaning is tailored to your specific needs while following professional cleaning standards. 


Detailed cleaning of your

bathroom & kitchen


Vacuuming and mopping

of all floors


Disinfecting of

high-touchpoint areas


Post-Construction Cleaning on Your Schedule

Focus on what matters most, rather than spending countless hours cleaning, post construction. Squeaky Cleaning will transform your space into an enjoyable environment, leaving it with a sparkle and shine. If you're in need of a professional Post-Construction Cleaning services, Squeaky Cleaning is the right solution. Request a free Post-Construction Cleaning quote below or give us a call to speak with our friendly staff. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

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