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Professional Woodbridge Cleaning Services

Why Many People Use A Woodbridge Cleaning Service

Woodbridge is an expansive suburban city located in Vaughan, which is on the border of Toronto just west of Highway 400. What was once an independent town has now become part of the greater Toronto area. Woodbridge is home to large detached homes on large properties with a nice front lawn and white picket fence. Due to the large homes and a large amount of space, Woodbridge homeowners often find it difficult to keep up with routine housekeeping chores. Many opt to have live-in housekeepers or nannies to help keep the home in good order.

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Reasons to Hire Squeaky Cleaning Services

At Squeaky Cleaning, we offer a wide range of cleaning and maid services in Woodbridge. Whether clients are looking for a one-time clean or an ongoing cleaning such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we have a service type available for you! Clients who provide all the cleaning supplies and tools such as a vacuum, broom, mop, bucket, dusters and cleaning solutions will get great discounts on recurring services. Also, the more frequently a client books, the better discounts we can offer.


Woodbridge clients often request professional post-renovation and post-construction cleaning services. There are many newly built and renovated homes in Woodbridge that require a detailed eye to remove all of the dust that circulates throughout the home. Getting into the hard-to-reach places is essential to ensure a proper clean. This means cleaning behind, underneath and inside all kitchen appliances, cabinets, windows, baseboards and other crevices that can accumulate this pesky dust. It is also important with post-renovation cleaning to mop the floors multiple times to ensure all dust has been removed and the home is move-in ready.


Another popular Woodbridge cleaning service is Move In / Move Out Deep Cleaning, which happens between tenant stays. When a property is changing hands between one occupant to another, it is important to do a full-scale thorough deep cleaning of the property. The total amount of cleaning time required will be based on the condition of the property when our cleaners arrive and the exact amount of detail the client wants to have done.

How To Find The Best Cleaning Company

Squeaky Cleaning also offers a wide range of customized and commercial cleaning options. We offer carpet cleaning, balcony cleaning, office and storefront cleaning and much more. We offer great volume discounts for clients looking for a nightly cleaning or something more regular. Kindly give us a call for a customized quote. Our company is fully insured, and our policy extends to our cleaners.


Our professional housekeeping maid services are offered in Woodbridge and surrounding areas such as Kleinburg, Concord, Brampton and Mississauga. Reach out to us by phone, email or live chat for an instant quote. We service Vaughan and surrounding areas and are available on short notice; however, we recommend booking at least a few days in advance.

We are looking forward to your Squeaky Clean home!

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