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Professional Scarborough Cleaning Services

Why Many People Use A Scarborough Cleaning Service

Scarborough is a vast multicultural city home to the famous Scarborough Bluffs, which is lined with massive cliffs overlooking Lake Ontario, beaches, parks, hiking trails and more. The area is also well known for its wide array of restaurants, malls, and multicultural eats such as regional Southeast Asian, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. Scarborough is a trendy place for homeownership due to the relatively affordable home prices and proximity to the downtown core. People who live, work and commute in and out of Scarborough often look for a quality cleaning company they can trust.

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Reasons To Hire A Cleaning Service

Scarborough people lead hectic lives, which leads to little time to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in their homes. Squeaky Cleaning works with many residents to offer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Scarborough cleaning service. We always strive to send the same cleaner regularly to fulfil these appointments so clients and cleaners can get familiar with each other. Our cleaner can either follow a pre-set checklist, or clients can provide their instructions for what they would like the cleaners to do. Squeaky Cleaning offers competitive prices for recurring appointments, especially when clients provide their supplies.


Our range of services includes general cleaning, deep cleaning, move-in / move-out cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, commercial and office cleaning. The main difference between these services is the total number of hours spent cleaning. A general cleaning consists of general housekeeping tasks that are typically done to maintain a home's cleanliness. Deep cleaning appointments go deeper and seek to eliminate the dirt and grime from hard-to-reach areas such as behind and underneath appliances. It is always best to discuss your cleaning needs with us at the time of booking and also do a detailed walkthrough of the property with the cleaners once they arrive. In terms of the number of cleaners we will send, any appointments that are 5hr or more will require two cleaners to split the time. Cleanings nine hours or more will need 2-3 cleaners to break the time.


In Scarborough, various property types require cleaning, including detached homes, townhouses, apartment complexes, condos, commercial properties and more. Our cleaning services are customizable to our client's needs and the property types we are cleaning. Apartment complexes often need everyday area cleaning. Our pricing is based on the total number of cleaning hours required to deep clean space, which is dependent on how well kept the last tenants left the place before moving out. Also, some clients need more detail than others, such as scrubbing at tiles, removing mould from grout and other time-consuming tasks. At Squeaky Cleaning, we bring all of the cleaning supplies and tools necessary to do a thorough and detailed job.


There is also the need for detailed post-renovation cleaning services in Scarborough for customers who are either renovating their homes, remodelling their basements or cleaning after a new build. There are so many brand new properties and subdivisions going up in Scarborough, which makes this a service that is in very high demand. Post-renovation cleaning is a highly detailed cleaning form that focuses on dust collection and removal from the ceiling, walls, windows, cabinets, drawers and hard-to-reach areas. It is an important task to get accomplished before moving your belongings into your new home. This annoying dust can accumulate all over the apartment in all the hard-to-reach places.

How To Find The Best Cleaning Company

Our professional Scarborough cleaning team is ready to serve you with all of your cleaning needs. Give us a call at 647-799-1075 or send us a message through our website for more information. Our friendly customer service team is waiting to assist you. We have a Live Chat feature on our website which allows you to chat with us during the day or night. Our Book Now page also allows you to generate an instant quote for a post-renovation deep cleaning. Feel free to reach out to us as we are looking forward to your Squeaky Clean Scarborough home!

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